How to apply makeup for beginners

How to apply makeup for beginners

Do you love makeup but are not sure where to apply what and how must you begin? This video is an easy guide to all those beginners who want to apply makeup and play around with their features. This look can easily be worn at work, a meeting, or even to a party.

home remedies for hair growth 01

5 Tips on how to grow hair faster

Hair fall is one part of the battle, hair growth is another. If you are dealing with a hair fall problem, you are dealing with hair growth as well, by default. To keep your hair strong and healthy and prevent recurrence of hair fall, we have brought you 5 effective tips on how to grow hair faster.

hairstyles for round faces 21

20 Sizzling hairstyles for round faces

Round faces are the most versatile when it comes to styling your hair. So many options and such variety when it comes to picking that particular style which suits your face! Whether you are looking for a complete makeover, or just a hairstyle that you can sport every day, we have it all.

bridal shoes ballet 03

32 Bridal ballet shoes

Weddings are glamorous, but they are also very tedious. They seem to go on forever when you are in uncomfortable shoes! If you are not one of those girls who totter around in 4 inch stilettos every day, you should very seriously consider opting for ballet shoes instead. Keep the heels for the pictures if you must.

how to apply nail polish 16

8 Easy steps on how to apply nail polish correctly

We love to experiment. And what better way to experiment with than nail polish? It lends your nails a touch of oomph and glamour. But that’s only if it’s done properly. We are here to make sure that every time you apply your nail polish it looks phenomenal. Just follow these simple steps!