designer dresses 36

35 Smashing hot designer dresses

Today we have more opportunities to get into a cocktail designer dress than ever before. Be it for a wedding reception, an office party or a friend’s bachelorette, you simply HAVE to have a hot dress to slip into. The color, silhouette, prints and embellishments play a huge role in picking the correct designer dress.

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5 Easy DIY home remedies for dandruff

Girls with dandruff woes, this is our last post on curing dandruff. Trust us, we have kept the best for last! The third part of the three part series on home remedies for dandruff brings you 5 more home remedies which are the quick and simple solution to your dandruff problems.

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8 Homemade beauty recipes and remedies for glowing skin

Contrary to what you believe, glowing skin is really not that difficult to come by! Your skin is not meant to have those angry pimples, or the dark spots! Those are all the results of pollution, humidity or even your diet. We know you can’t pack your bags and move to the Himalayas, which is why we have brought you quick and easy home remedies to get that gorgeous glowing skin.

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6 Magical home remedies to get rid of pimples

Rogue pimples. Oh, how they ruin your day. You think everyone you are talking to is just looking at the pimple, it feels like a bull’s eye on your forehead (or your chin). Well, let’s not panic yet, there’s plenty of simple stuff you can do to get rid of them! We have put down some simple pimple remedies using ingredients you can find at home.

home remedies for dry skin 24

7 Homemade remedies for dry skin

There’s no end to our skin woes. But the trickiest treatment is that for dry skin. You want to get the level of moisture just right, so that you don’t accidentally make your skin oily instead of dewy fresh in your quest to battle the roughness and patches. That’s why we have brought you the second part of our home remedies for dry skin series. Have a look, try it out and let us know what you think!

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5 Natural home remedies for dry skin

My friends tell me I am lucky to have dry skin. They say, at least you don’t break out as much as us! But those of you who have dry skin will know that it comes with its own set of problems. It’s rough, sometimes scaly and always feels like you’re parched. The dry patches make your skin look dull and much older than you actually are. And moisturizers end up giving more of a temporary solution than actually treating the problem.

Home remedies for pimples 02

6 Proven home remedies for pimples

Hormones, pollution, stress are all taking up arms against us. They shock you with a huge, glaring red pimple. Or sometimes, they give you a warning by peppering your forehead with a whole lot of blackheads. If it’s one or many, pimples are always a disaster in a girl’s life.