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6 Easy hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is a blessing. You can try out various kinds of hairstyles. Zuri presents 6 easy-to-do gorgeous hairstyles if you have long hair. But, I promise, once you have mastered them, life is going to be beautiful and really simple.It doesn’t matter if you hair is straight or wavy, these 6 simple hairstyles are for all. You can also wear them.

Benefits of green tea for beauty 01

4 Benefits of green tea for beauty

Green tea is rapidly becoming a hot favorite among people world over for its multitude of health benefits. But there is a lot more you can do than brewing it in a cup to reap the beauty benefits that green tea offers. From scrubs to masks it can be used in so many amazing ways to get luminous hair and skin every day.

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Tips on how to take your makeup from day-to-night

After the hustle and bustle of a long working week, a fun Friday night with your friends is just what you need to unwind. But as it often happens, the last working day of the week also means having to stay longer at the office to get the work done. We suggest some simple makeup transformation tips that can get you looking party ready in moments to let your hair down in style.