How to make thin lips look plumper 01

How to make thin or uneven lips look plumper

Not all of us are blessed with evenly shaped plump lips that we most often find on magazine covers. If a thin, uneven and ill-shaped lip is your concern area like majority of women, then we recommend you follow the makeup advice below. Makeup serves as a great solution for people who aren’t born with full and evenly shaped lips. Know that painful collagen lip fillers and augmentation methods are not always necessary to get that desired shape and pout. Instead, more importantly, getting a few corrective makeup techniques and tips right is the key so that your lips look always beautiful.

Short dresses 02

15 Short dresses to flaunt this spring

Spring, one of the most beautiful season of the year is here and the best way to enjoy it is by stepping out, enjoying some sun, a walk in the garden full of colorful flowers. Breathe in some fresh, sweet spring with your beautiful aura. Give your wardrobe a bit of a spring spin by trying out a lovely, cute dress that is floral, colorful or simply reflects a solid hue. A short dress is versatile and suits all occasions. It can be worn to events of all sorts.

mehandi designs 45

32 Easy mehandi designs that you can do by yourself

DIY is all the rage these days. So why not DIY mehandi? For beginners and regular mehandi dabblers, we have brought a collection of designs that are simple and sophisticated- just what you need to try them out on your own! To ensure that the result of your DIY mehandi design is great, keep it simple. Focus on only one part of your hand. Either stick to the usual creeper, or try a circular design on your palm or the back of your hand.

nail art images 08

50 Stunning nail art images for you to get inspired by

As with all forms of art, nail art is constantly evolving. It takes inspiration from its surroundings to evolve into something more glamorous each time. For all the nail art buffs out there, we have curated a list of 50 stunning nail art images to get inspired by, so that you can really explore the nail artist in you. Pick from a wide range of colors, patterns and techniques to make your own nail art.

tips for healthy hair 02

11 Tips for healthier skin and hair this winter

Winter calls for a lot of extra- extra clothing, extra hot chocolate and extra care of your skin and hair. Keep your hair and skin healthier this winter with 11 tips that we have brought you. To keep your skin hydrated and moisturized from within, add a cup or two of olive oil to your bath water. It won’t really mix with the water, but it will form a thin imperceptible layer of moisture, protecting your skin from the harsh winter dryness. You could also rub some olive oil directly onto your skin and let it be for about 20 mins before you wash it off.