9 Simple beauty tips for summer skin 03

9 Simple beauty tips for summer skin

The mercury levels are steadily rising marking the onset of the sweltering summer season. And with the hot weather comes the time to revamp your routine to get beautiful and glowing summer skin. Don’t let the harsh sun get you down and get flawless summer skin with these 9 simple beauty tips.


17 Ultra-cool Arabic mehndi designs

This time around, I shall get my hands done in Arabic mehndi design. I find this style of mehndi design less time-consuming also. It is unique and pretty stylish too! The designs in Arabic style mehndi are flowing and less intricate. If you are not a fan of a complex pattern which runs all over your hands, then go for Arabic mehndi. Take a look at 17 ultra-cool Arabic mehndi designs brought to you by Zuri.

6 hair care tips for smooth and shiny hair in summers 04

6 Useful haircare tips for healthy and shiny hair this summer

With the final spell of rains over, summertime is finally here. But the blazing sun, soaring temperatures and sweltering heat can take a toll, not only on your skin, but also on your hair. Just a few weeks into the summer and your otherwise smooth and lustrous hair can look and feel fried. But don’t worry! Zuri brings to you 6 useful hair care tips for healthy and shiny hair this summer.