Makeup for navratri 10

How to apply makeup for Navratri

Navratri is celebrated in honor of Goddess Durga with loads of celebrations over ‘nine nights’. Some men and women all over India choose to fast for all the 9 days or just on the final day. Gujarat is the focus on the celebrations with all night long dances (garba) and festivities. Here is a simple guide on how to apply makeup for this Navratri and add a sparkle to your celebrations.

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20 Uber-cool mehndi designs for Navratri

We just can’t get enough of the thrill and excitement of navratri this year. We have explored the best hairstyles and nail art, now it’s time for every girl’s favorite accessory ever – mehndi designs! There are so many trends and must-try things out there, especially when it comes to mehndi designs. So we will help you pick the design that works the best for you. Have a look at these 20 uber-cool mehndi designs for navratri that we have compiled for you!

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14 Gorgeous hairstyles for Navratri nights

It’s that time of the year again. So ladies, bring out your lehengas and book your salon appointments, it’s navratri! The glitz, glamour and energy of this season really brings the world alive. There’s a lot of socializing, a lot of dancing and not to mention a lot of dressing up. And who doesn’t want to look perfect for these 9 nights? Keeping that in mind, we have brought you 14 gorgeous hairstyles that you can flaunt this navratri!

Simple nail art designs 32

26 Simple nail art designs

It is said that well-kept hands and pretty, healthy nails are a pleasure to behold. Moreover, for me, it’s such a delight to even decorate them. The idea is to be creative. Such a style statement speaks so much about how you feel! One doesn’t need to be in their teens to be flaunting it.

Beauty tips for girls wearing glasses 10

Beauty tips for girls wearing glasses

Makeup is all about having fun and ‘accentuating’ your features and not trying to ‘change’ them entirely. I have come across so many girls who wear funky, simple, casual, trendy glasses and would love to add a spark to their look even further by doing some eye makeup, but are not sure if the makeup would show through the frame. Here are 7 easy steps that will surely make your eyes ‘pop’ even through your lens.

Poll Tuesdays

Poll Tuesdays #1

We have come up with a new segment called ‘Poll Tuesdays’ where every once a week, on a Tuesday, we would be putting out a poll related to makeup and beauty. All you’d need to do is sit back, fill in the poll, view results and have FUN!!!