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7 Homemade remedies for dry skin

There’s no end to our skin woes. But the trickiest treatment is that for dry skin. You want to get the level of moisture just right, so that you don’t accidentally make your skin oily instead of dewy fresh in your quest to battle the roughness and patches. That’s why we have brought you the second part of our home remedies for dry skin series. Have a look, try it out and let us know what you think!

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5 Natural home remedies for dry skin

My friends tell me I am lucky to have dry skin. They say, at least you don’t break out as much as us! But those of you who have dry skin will know that it comes with its own set of problems. It’s rough, sometimes scaly and always feels like you’re parched. The dry patches make your skin look dull and much older than you actually are. And moisturizers end up giving more of a temporary solution than actually treating the problem.

Home remedies for pimples 02

6 Proven home remedies for pimples

Hormones, pollution, stress are all taking up arms against us. They shock you with a huge, glaring red pimple. Or sometimes, they give you a warning by peppering your forehead with a whole lot of blackheads. If it’s one or many, pimples are always a disaster in a girl’s life.

home remedies for glowing skin 06

7 Effective home remedies for glowing skin

When you look into the mirror, do you focus on the imperfections? On the dark spots, acne or blemishes? Don’t try to hide it under layers of make-up. We have brought you some super easy and super effective home remedies. Whip up these face packs once or twice a week (or more often) and see the results for yourself.

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6 Easy home remedies to cure dandruff

We all share that hate-hate relationship with dandruff. We just can’t seem to get rid of it! Stop fighting your dandruff with those harsh chemicals and go natural. In the first part on home remedies for dandruff we gave you 5 ways to get rid of it. We have brought you 6 more home remedies that will give you more options to work with!

Bridal hairstyles for long hair 13

21 Unforgettable bridal hairstyles for long hair

Your hair is your crowning glory, so on your wedding day you need to pay utmost attention to styling it. It is not the day to skimp, so hire a professional who will be able to guide you on which style will suit your face and also help you to achieve it. Bridal hairstyles are defined by their natural beauty and easy elegance and your wedding day is the day to flaunt them.

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Mehandi designs by Aman Sandher

I feel so lucky to have interviewed mehandi artists from Chicago, Pakistan, London, New York, Mumbai and another from Toronto. Aman provides each and every bride with unique designs (pre-sketched) to ensure that the bride’s most important day is perfect!