Nail art designs for Diwali 12

15 Quirky nail art designs for Diwali

My favorite festival is here and I am so thrilled! I have shortlisted 2 gorgeous outfits and the looks have been worked out too! As for my nails, this time it will be a super quirky nail art design for sure. Just that I will throw in some glitter and shimmer because Diwali is all about sparkles.

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eye makeup looks for pre diwali parties 02

5 Gorgeous eye makeup looks for pre-Diwali parties

With Diwali just around the corner, your social calendar is sure to be buzzing with all different parties to go to. Looking your best is the norm and you can’t be seen wearing the same clothes or the same make up can you? But hey, before you panic we have brought you some really cool but easy to achieve eye make up looks that will be your perfect pick for the crazy pre-Diwali party line up.

How to get rid of Acne 01

How to get rid of Acne

Upon hitting puberty, many women face the problem of facial acne. Some also suffer with body acne which leaves them feeling under confident and low about themselves. Acne can hit women at any age – especially during pregnancy when, due to hormone imbalance, oil secretions increase leading to eruptions. Other reasons for acne breakouts may include: not cleaning up make-up properly after use, incorrect exfoliation, cleansing and hydration of skin.

Indian bridal hairstyles 32

21 Beautiful Indian bridal hairstyles

Being a bride in today’s times is a very exhausting affair. Being perfectly turned out increases the pressure on the bride to look her absolute and complete best. Though most of us focus on the results which are stunning, we tend to skip the long and tedious process that a bride has to undergo to nail down that one particular look which works with her face, her dress and her ceremony.

Quick tips & tricks for makeup on Karwa Chauth 07

Tips & Tricks for quick makeup on Karwa Chauth

Makeup on Karwa Chauth is a fun thing to do! Married women who observe this ritual really look forward to looking just the best on this day. Gorgeous traditional outfit, mehndi clad hands, lovely hairdo and stunning makeup that completes the festive look. Ah! Such a delight. Not all of us have a lot of time on hands. Here is what I would love to share with you, a few tips & tricks that can really save your time. Look gorgeous in 15 minutes. Here is a comprehensive how-to guide for a glam look this Karwa Chauth.