nail art for short nails 14

21 Gorgeous nail art for short nails

The urge to do some awesome nail art can strike at any moment. Maybe even when you have just gone and clipped all your nails! So instead of crying over spilt milk, improvise. Some of the latest trends in nail art actually look better on short nails. So there’s no need to panic, just check out some of our uber cool nail art designs for short nails and get started!

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makeup tips 22

8 Makeup tips to save time on a winter morning

Stepping out of the house unprepared and a total mess is the last thing you want to do on a cold, winter morning. We know you have to get where you are going on time, and that’s why we have put together 8 simple tips which will help cut down the time you require to get dressed in the mornings, so that you are perfectly dressed to face every single day.

Bridal shoes 83

20 Beautiful bridal shoes

On the wedding day, it is imperative for a bride to wear an extremely comfortable pair of shoes. But, it doesn’t mean that she has to opt for simple footwear. With so much effort gone into choosing your wedding lehenga, looking for the best makeup artist in town to flipping through all the hair-pages of the bridal special issue of your favorite magazine, so why at all compromise on your shoes!