Easy Tips on How to Apply Mascara Perfectly 01

Easy tips on how to apply mascara perfectly

Mascara can instantly give your eyes a mini makeover by adding the necessary volume and length. Not only does it give them depth, it also makes them appear more bright and awake. Eye shadow or no eye shadow, your eyes will surely be admired if you’ve correctly applied a mascara. But issues like specks and clumps in the lashes, lashes sticking together or spider lashes makes your overall look clumsy. To avoid these mistakes read on to understand the correct technique of mascara application.

Top 5 winter skin products 06

Top 5 must buy winter skin products

One of the worst things that winter gets along with it is the fact of having to deal with the extra dry, dull skin. Cold weather can make life really miserable! Zuri will sort your life a bit by providing you a few solutions on how to deal with dry, cracking and often acne-prone winter skin. Here are top 5 beauty products that will take extra good care of your skin in winter.

mehndi designs for hands 01

36 Gorgeous mehndi designs for hands

2014 had seen a real revolution when it came to mehndi or henna art. Whether it is the relatively recent turn towards Moroccan mehndi designs, to the growing popularity of contemporary and minimalistic designs, we had seen a lot of defined trends and styles last year. We have put together 36 smashing hot mehndi designs for hands which will have cleared our billboard for the most inspiring designs ever.

Tips and Tricks to Effectively Cover Dark Circles and Puffy Under Eyes 04

7 Best Tips and tricks to help cover dark circles

Dark circles and puffy eyes are some of the most common beauty concerns among women. If you struggle with under eye skin darkening despite having enough sleep and proper nutrition then factors such as allergy and genetics might be responsible for it. Whether or not you have dark circles, it is important to aptly deal with this persistent beauty concern. We have listed down some of the best tips and tricks that you can use to perfectly camouflage dark circles.