8 Simple homemade beauty recipes for beautiful skin

We all know the fact that our skin is a fragile and delicate organ – the largest on our body. Exposing the skin to harmful chemicals is a huge risk we take – often never giving it a second thought. After you rustle up a pack, mask or scrub, apply it on your skin, sit back, relax, for that picture perfect skin.

8 Home remedies using papaya on skin

Here are amazing homemade beauty remedies based on papaya. Now, apply this magical fruit on your skin and see how it works! If there is one fruit you can call a wonder fruit for your skin then it is papaya. The active enzyme, and vitamins A, C and E present in papaya is known to…

5 Amazing natural tips to avoid dry, chapped hands

Try out these amazing home remedies to treat dry, chapped hands! Along with Christmas, endless fashion options, perfect opportunities to cuddle under blankets, winter also brings with it some frustrating skin conditions due to the harsher climate. Chapped hands being a one of those major downers. With these ‘handy’ home remedies, you will achieve perfect…