7 Simple makeup tips and tricks to make your eyes pop

You can opt for bright liners for the eyes, which can make the eyes pop out; blacks and browns or neutral liners make the eyes look defined and small. These were just some of the tips, tried and tested, which most of us with small or hooded eyes have been using all the while to make the eyes stand out and pop out.

3 Easy ways for how to make eyeshadow at home

Wondering how to make natural eye shadow at home? Here is how.. Creating your own makeup at home can be real fun. You will have control over the ingredients used, get the perfect shade you want and be sure of the quality of the final produce. Here are three ways in which you can create…

5 Sexy New Years eve smokey makeup looks

Five gorgeous smokey makeup looks that will glamorize your moods for New Year bash! Finally, we are in December and this year is almost saying goodbye to us all. This means, while the holiday season is on and you would be invited to many parties, there would be many getting their eye makeup done on the smokey…