Make-up guru : Tiffany D

Tiffany is a self taught makeup artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She discovered that she was a teacher at heart and combined teaching with her love for make-up and ventured into the world of YouTube creating how-to videos for fun. She has 2 make-up channels – one MakeupByTiffanyD, her first and main channel which is all about beauty. The other is TiffanyDtv, where she talks about random stuff like books, life, her puppy etc. She does her videos in her room and I personally feel that she explains way too much in detail that sometimes you might be tempted to skip in between & go to the part where she actually starts applying the make-up! Her make-up skills, especially her blending techniques are brilliant! You hardly can make out if she’s even touching the brush on the eye!!!

Tiffany D


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