Make-up guru : Kandee Johnson

Kandee was born in LA and was extremely fond of drawing things. At 16 she was discovered by a modelling scout and modelled for a little bit. Then at 17, she got married and at 18 had her first child! Her video “Go get your dreams & my story” is so encouraging and inspirational that you wonder, after going through so much, she is so bubbly and chirpy! All her videos exude excitement and just seeing her on your screen can brighten up your day! She is literally a breath of fresh air. Her videos are pretty easy to understand and she connects very easily with the viewers. Also the effort that she puts in all her videos is clearly visible! She’s constantly laughing, giggling and joking around in the videos. Many of her videos end with ‘bloopers’ which are super hilarious! Her blog, website, YouTube channel all have these lovely lines “You’re more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think and more loved than you can imagine…”! One of her latest videos has her dancing to PSY’s Gangnam Style! It’s a must watch! is her YouTube channel and is her blog.

Kandee Johnson

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