Make-up guru : Jordon Liberty

Jordan Liberty was born in Ohio. He grew up enamored with fine art, and continued his passion for creativity into adulthood. He now works in Philadelphia and New York City as a full-time professional make-up artist and trainer. Jordan authored the instructional makeup book “Give Good Face.” On his YouTube channel you can find absolutely any look! He seems to have covered everything that you can think of. Now about the things that I like in his videos :- just below the video, in the “information panel”, he has everything very clearly specified – products used, techniques, their use and substitute products. He also uses these lines in every video “You can do this look with any color! This channel is all about technique and we encourage you to make this look your own” which I think makes so much sense!

His videos are shot very aesthetically and to perfection! They are clean, crisp, short (as short as 4 mins for the entire make-up) and even come with instructions for every step that he’s doing sometimes, which means that there is no voice in the video just funky music! At the end of each video the model poses after the make-up & the photographer gets some amazing shots! I must admit, the women in his videos are BEAUTIFUL! And they look even better after the make-up.

This is where you can see his videos.

Jordan Liberty

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