Makeup guru : Elle Fowler

Elle Fowler is known for her YouTube channel, Allthatglitters21. She is 21 years old and absolutely loves all things girly. Her blog covers makeup, hair products, reviews, diet tips, beauty tricks etc. She is a self taught artist & has never worked at a makeup counter.  On her YouTube channel  you’ll find tons of haul’s, reviews, hair tutorials and few makeup tutorials. Her videos are always shot in her colorful bedroom and are pretty cute & girly. If you haven’t seen her Makeup collection Organizational tips videos, you are surely missing out on something spectacular! First of all she has this very cute dressing table. Then she’s got like major tall cupboards for storage of all her cosmetics, candles, brushes, Lush products and many many more things! You might just faint looking at how many products of MAC she owns! She could very well open a MAC store in her room 🙂 There’s a list below her videos giving details about the places where from the storage containers can be purchased thus making our lives much simpler to order online.

Elle Fowler

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