Make-up guru : Blair Fowler

Blair Fowler, an 18 year old beauty guru, who also happens to be the younger sister of Elle Fowler, has been doing makeup tutorials and fashion videos since 2008. She’s known for her YouTube channel juicystar07. She has tons of beauty hauls, DIY’s, giveaway’s, makeup tutorials, hair suggestions etc. Blair’s extremely camera friendly and she looks lovely all the time, with or without make-up. She speaks super fast, guess that’s why all her latest videos (make-up tutorials) don’t have her talking in them! She does everything in actions & the list of products used is mentioned in the ‘about’ section below the video. Believe me, if you follow her, you would be busy for the rest of your life just looking at the amount of stuff she blogs about for others to see! Till date she has 348 videos (that’s almost a year full of sheer entertainment) :-p is the main website, is her twitter link, on pinterest you can follow her on and she has an adorable site where from you can purchase the cutest girly stuff (!!! She is super organized & is a proof of that! You can get tons of ideas on how-to store/organize your stuff. And after looking at I seriously wonder how much make-up do these two sisters own!

Blair Fowler

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