Smokey eye makeup – using only black eye shadow

Smokey eye makeup – using only black eye shadow

A bold, black smoky eye, can make or break a look. If done well, you could be the center of attraction. It needs to be carried with mega attitude & a great amount of sex appeal. A black eye shadow can look intimidating in its container, but it’s very simple to wear. Listed below are a few easy tips on wearing the black eye shadow with elan.

#1 Eye makeup first

Black is a color that is so highly pigmented, that you should apply it before your other makeup, including concealer and foundation. That way, if there are any fall outs under your eyes or on your cheeks, you can quickly clean it up with a cotton dipped in remover before going on to apply the rest of your makeup.

Smokey eye makeup
#2 Use an eye shadow base/primer

To get the most out of your shadow, swipe on an eye-shadow primer first. Not only will it help prevent it from creasing, it creates a smooth, non-greasy canvas that the shadow can fully adhere to for an opaque finish.

Smokey eye makeup
#3 Pick the right Black

Do not go for colors like charcoal, navy, gray or dark plum. Black shadow is exactly that — black. Once you have mastered the art of applying a black shadow, you can go on & try other hues to add variation to your look. Just remember, start with black and every color will look deeper on top. You could also use a slight shimmer on top to give it a more ‘lively’ feel to the look.

How to smokey eye
#4 Line your eyes

Before you apply the shadow, always line your eyes, with a black pencil, along the waterline and at the lash line. This helps to further emphasize your eyes and lashes.

Smokey eye makeup

#5 Brushes to be used

Use the pencil brush to fade out & blend the liner upwards. Pack on the black shadow over the smudged liner to achieve the shape that you’d like. Then use a fluffy blending brush in circular motions to remove any visible lines from the edges at the crease.

Smokey eye makeupSmokey eye makeupSmokey eye makeup

#6 Go subtle on everything else

One of the best things about wearing black eye shadow is that you don’t need to spend hours perfecting the rest of your face. You can go light on the mascara — one quick coat will do — because lashes won’t really show up against the shadow. Add a peach or pink blush & top up the lips with a soft pink or a nude colored lip gloss.

Smokey eye makeup


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