Tips for healthy skin using ice

Tips for healthy skin using ice

Summer is almost here! All we’ll feel like doing is sitting in an air conditioned room, sipping on some cold refreshing sherbet or wanting to plonk ourselves in the refrigerator 😉 Ice is going to be your friend very soon. Here are the best ways you can use ice to beat the heat & stay fresh.

#1 For pimples  : Feel a pimple coming on the surface of your skin? Apply a cloth filled with ice over it for 10 minutes to neutralize the blemish, decrease inflammation, redness & diminish swollen pores.

Tips for healthy skin

#2 For nails: In case if you have remembered to apply your nail paint at the last minute & you don’t even have 30 minutes to wait for it to dry, just fill a bowl with ice water & dip your hands in it for just 5-7 minutes. The chilly temperature will seal the nail lacquer and will speed up the drying process.

Tips for healthy skin

#3 For skin: Before starting your foundation routine, prime your skin by rubbing your entire face with an ice cube. In addition to being pleasantly refreshing, the ice will minimize the size of pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines & will also make skin way supple, resulting in the most perfect makeup application!

Tips for healthy skin

#4 For eyes: It’s but obvious that if you’ve had a late night, you’d surely land up with swollen eyes. To reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, wrap a handkerchief around a few ice cubes & hold it over the eyes for a few minutes. The cold will reduce the swelling and make you look and feel more awake.

Tips for healthy skin

#5 For lips: When you know that you are going to attend a wedding or an ‘all-night-long’ party, you’d obviously want your lipstick to last through the night! After you have applied your chosen lipstick color, run an ice cube over the lips to seal the color & extend the life of your lipstick.

Tips for healthy skin

#6 As a facial: All you need is – warm water, green tea bags, 5 Vitamin E capsules, ice cube tray & some tooth picks. Dip the green tea bags in a jug filled with warm water for 5 minutes or until the color changes to a greenish-brown. Prick the Vitamin E capsules with a tooth pick & add the liquid in the green tea water jug. Spread the liquid in an ice tray evenly & allow to set (not entirely) for 1 hour. Take out the tray & see that the cubes aren’t hard & place tooth picks in between each ice cube. Allow to set well. When ready to use, pull out the cube with the help of the tooth pick & massage all over your face! Enjoy your quick & easy home facial 🙂

Tips for healthy skin

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5 thoughts on “Tips for healthy skin using ice

  1. Love it ! Been using ice for my face for ages but had no idea about the nail polish and lipstick sealing ! Great tips

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