Natural skin care tips pre and post Holi

Natural skin care tips pre and post Holi

Since almost 10 years now I’ve been playing holi with rose petals… Yes you read it right, rose petals. You may be wondering how does one play holi with rose petals. Well, here’s the thing. You shower your family members with rose petals, wish them luck, hug, eat some yummy sweets & you are done with celebrating holi! Simple! Also, I’ve had acne & rosacea for the longest time & always felt that the colors would dry up my face & make the condition worse. Moreover, I find it messy & a huge effort to take the colors off, for a few days you look like a multi colored cat & have to keep working towards taking the colors off your body! Another recent reason that I have picked is the shortage of water all over the country. So no playing with colors means no wastage of water 🙂 Oh but you can choose to do it either way. In case if you decide on playing with colors, I suggest you read this post before stepping out :-

Pre Holi Hair & Skin Care —

Apply a generous amount of coconut oil or olive oil on your hair. This will give a protective shield to your hair.
Skin & hair care for holi

Use a generous amount of moisturizer with sunscreen all over your body, especially behind your ears & ear lobes as these are areas one tends to neglect. Make sure that the moisturizer has an SPF as you do not want to catch a tan from the sun!

Natural skin care tips

Apply a thick layer of Vaseline under your nails and on lips as strong chemicals in colors leave the skin dry.

Natural skin care tips

Drink plenty of water before leaving home & after getting back indoors as the colors contain chemicals which take away moisture from the skin hence leaving it de-hydrated.

Natural skin care tips
Protect your nails by applying nail polish as this will give you a protective coat.

Natural skin care tips
Wear clothes that cover your entire body, like a full sleeved shirt & pyjamas so that the colors don’t penetrate too deep & you don’t feel guilty disposing off those clothes.

Natural skin care tips

For girls who like to play with dry colors, do not forget to apply a layer of foundation on the face & neck to shield the skin from any damages.

Natural skin care tips
In case if you are a contact lens wearer, this would be a good time to swap & get into your glasses as lenses have the tendency to absorb color, thereby causing irritation & redness.

Natural skin care tips

Post Holi —

If you have applied any makeup, make sure to remove it with a makeup remover first. Then use a mild cleanser with lukewarm water to wash off the color. Do not rub vigorously as you would be scraping off the skin of its protective layer.

Natural skin care tips

Don’t be in a rush to get rid of the color in one day! For the next few days, apply olive oil or Johnson’s Baby oil all over your body & chill in the bathroom for a bit. Listen to some music or better still read a book. This way you will allow the oil to work its wonders on your body & the color will very easily & quickly flow down your body.

Natural skin care tips

Always apply a body butter or thick moisturizer for all the days that you have the color on your skin. Eventually you can shift to using your regular body lotion once the skin is settled.

Natural skin care tips

Use coconut oil everyday on your hair for the next 3 days (for at least 3 hours before you shampoo it). Wash your hair using a mild shampoo, but don’t overuse the shampoo. If the color doesn’t come off your scalp in one try, just let it stay on and shampoo again in a day or two. All that color & shampoo will tend to dry out your scalp. Don’t forget to use a conditioner after.

Natural skin care tips

Enjoy your holi lovelies ♥ Stay safe!

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