Red lipstick – How to apply

How to apply red lipstick well

Who doesn’t like (or wants to try) wearing the perfect red lipstick without it looking tacky? It has been one of the hottest trends of the season. Here are 4 steps to a kissable pair that will help you look ‘Oh So Glamorous’ —

#1: EXFOLIATE – You need to make sure all the dead skin is off your lips before applying any lip color. Use sugar crystals by rubbing them gently on your lips to make them soft, exfoliate & condition them, making it easier for color to go on.

How to apply red lipstick

#2: MOISTURIZE –  Use a good lip balm to soothe & hydrate them especially in the winters as that’s the time when they tend to get chapped & look dried. Choose a lip balm with ingredients like beeswax, Lanolin, Cocoa butter & Shea butter that help repair and protect.

How to apply red lipstick

#3: PRIMER – Just as we should use a primer on our face before applying foundation, for long-lasting lip color we should use a lip primer. Antioxidants & vitamins A, C, E are popular inclusions as well as ingredients with anti-aging properties that help fill in wrinkles & give lips a more youthful appearance. Your red lips will be fade-proof despite eating or chatting!

How to apply red lipstick

# 4: COLOR – It’s important to go with a shade that matches your skin tone. If you’ve got a warm skin tone, look for shades with orange, yellow or golden hues. In case if you’ve got cool-toned skin, red lipsticks with a blue base are your best bet.

How to apply red lipstick

#5: APPLICATION – First, use a lip liner that is similar to the red shade of lipstick you’re going to use (or use a nude color). Carefully line your lips & fill it in entirely. If you made a mistake, use makeup remover on a Q-tip (cotton bud) for best results. Make sure to apply the lipstick with a lip brush. The brush ensures that the lipstick is added precisely & that it will stay put.  Finally lightly dab the lips with a tissue to give it that perfect matte effect.

How to apply red lipstick red lipstick

Make sure to carry your lipstick & a tiny portable mirror in your handbag to keep a check on those stunning lips!

How to apply red lipstick


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