5 Top Tips Bollywood Makeup Artists Swear By

Stars like Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee & Deepika Padukone are blessed with natural beauty. But they rely on their beauty team to help play up their assets & disguise their less-than-perfect parts. These are the top 5 tips a Bollywood makeup artist would give you :-

1. Do up your eyes from inner to outer corner, not bottom to top – For a modern look, apply color in a subtle graduation of lighter to darker, working horizontally — not vertically. A fresh summer night time look: a touch of gold in the inner corner of the eye, a wash of pink on the lid & a swipe of a darker color — green, purple or bronze — on the outer third of the eye, extending just past the corner.

Eye makeup

2. Blush naturally – Perfect blush application is all about placement. Ideally, you want the burst of color to be directly on the apples of your cheeks. A foolproof way of finding this is to swirl the brush directly under your eye pupil and across from the tip of your nose, and blend up & out 2 inches.

how to apply blush

3. Boost a bold mouth with concealer – Prep the mouth by applying a pale concealer over their lip lines before applying liner and lipstick. It gives you a really crisp lip that’s a very grown-up look. Touch up after dinner by blotting lips with a tissue, then reapplying concealer, lip liner & lipstick.

Red lipstick

4. For dramatic eyes, wear false eyelashes – Mascara goes a long way in adding length & fullness to the lashes you have, but it takes some extra enhancement to achieve those lush red-carpet lashes. Just remember to trim the strip to fit the length of your eye & apply the teeniest amount of adhesive. To blend your real lashes with the false ones, trace a very thin line of liquid eyeliner at the base of your lashes and apply a final coat of mascara. Remember, practice makes perfect!


5. Don’t sparkle, Shimmer – For a super-flattering incandescent look, skip the sparkle & glitter & go for a subtle sheen. Apply a touch of a highlighting powder or cream in gold, pink or champagne on the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and just under your brow bone. Don’t neglect your body. Remember to include the shoulders, arms, decolletage & collarbone. Secret tip: To make your legs look longer & leaner, put an extra stripe of highlighter up the front on your legs, along the shin bone. Now you know the secret behind Priyanka Chopra’s sexy, long, shimmery legs 🙂



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