Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding

Makeup Artist for your wedding – things you need to know and ask

During the wedding season, makeup artists are mainly in demand. Here’s a guide to help you decide what, who and when should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding. There are some bridal makeup tips to help you get started. As a bridal makeup artist myself here is my advice on how to start.


Start early – Begin your search at least 6 months in advance. Hair & makeup artists are in high demand throughout the year, but even more so during the wedding season. Secure your date well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Ask around – If you’re unsure about how to go about looking for an artist, the best thing to do is ask around. Speak to new brides as well as friends & family members who are more likely to give you an honest recommendation.

Take advantage of the World Wide Web – Spend some time researching & looking for artists on Google or Facebook & look at their work images. Get in touch with them to see if you like their work style. A great website to find a ‘Bridal makeup artist’ is http://makeupartistdirectory.com/

Bridal makeup by Samaanta


Consultation is crucial – Choose an artist who includes a pre-wedding consultation or trial. This usually takes place a few months before the wedding date. Make sure to take the trial when you are aware of the outfits you are going to be wearing as the makeup trial would be given keeping that in mind. You will be able to understand the look best once you have decided on your wedding clothes. The trial is important for both you & the artist – it is almost like a makeup dress rehearsal. It is a time to be sure you get the look you want & your opportunity to ask questions & make adjustments as you go along. Most professional makeup artists these days charge a minimal fee for the trial which they deduct from the total booking amount if confirmed. If not, the amount is forfeited.

Treat your trial as an interview – The artist is being hired to do a job so don’t feel intimidated. Ask to see the artist’s portfolio to get an idea of the looks they can create.

Do they ask you what you want? Pay close attention to the artist who also interviews you. A good artist will ask you about your daily makeup habits, wedding dress color, the length of your ceremony, lighting, decor colors, your fiance’s outfit colors etc.

Give them ideas – Be sure to provide them with pictures of specific looks you have in mind. All these factors will determine the type of makeup that is used on you.

Don’t be afraid – Ask what brand of makeup they use. You may have a favorite that works for your skin, especially when it comes to foundation. If you are worried about the artist not having the right color match, take your own with you to the consultation.

Don’t go alone – Take a friend or family member with you to the trial for feedback & take a photograph of yourself after the trial so that you & the artist have something to refer to on the day.

Bridal makeup by Samaanta


Communication is key – While it is important that your artist respects your choices about how you want to look on your wedding day, you should also take into consideration their advice. Remember that this is their job, it is what they are trained in & they do it on a daily basis. Having said that, by no means should you feel pushed into a look you are not happy with. The final look should be a collaboration between you & your artist.

Don’t overdo it – Looking picture perfect doesn’t mean just trying to get your money’s worth! Try not to act out of character – your wedding day makeup should mirror who you are & how you look. The makeup should be similar to what you usually wear, but with more impact, definition & staying power.

Bridal makeup by Samaanta


Can she get to you with ease? Your makeup artist should be mobile & be willing to travel to wherever it is you are getting ready on your Big Day. If it is quite some distance away, it is normal for them to charge travel costs on top of the makeup price.

Always go for experience – Try to resist the temptation of booking a makeup artist who lacks experience, creativity & the patience necessary to create your desired look. Weddings are expensive, but this is the last area you want to skimp on. Ultimately, if you don’t feel beautiful & confident on your big day, it will show not only on the day but for a lifetime in your photographs & wedding video.

Establish a good rapport – Your makeup artist needs to help you feel relaxed on the day, enabling you to enjoy the whole process. Choose an artist who has a calm & relaxed demure. After all, getting ready is part of the fun of the day.

Don’t bargain about price – This is the worst thing anyone can do for their wedding. Where you are willing to spend tons of money for the guests & arrangements, you may as well spend slightly more on yourself for looking the best at your wedding. And please don’t try to squeeze in your mother’s makeup & sister’s makeup in the amount the artist is asking for. It looks unethical & might even compromise the work of the artist as she might have to hurry to get all of you’ll ready. The amount that the artist charges will totally be worth it & will include hair styling & sari or dupatta draping.

Bridal makeup by Samaanta

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