How to apply concealer and avoid it from creasing

Have you noticed more than once that whenever you apply concealer to cover your dark circles, after a while they suddenly look more prominent as they settle into the fine lines. Try the following technique the next time you apply a concealer :-

Use an eye shadow primer before concealer under your eyes, you know how eye shadow primer stops eye shadow from creasing? Well it does the same thing for your concealer 🙂 Set your under eye concealer with a powder, you can use a translucent powder, face powder, even a matte skin tone eye shadow! I often use a translucent powder so you can still see the bright under eye concealer & it’s super silky under the eyes & doesn’t look too powdery or thick. It’s best to use a fluffy blending eye shadow brush with the powder rather than a big brush so you can put powder directly under your eyes 🙂

How to apply concealer

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