Makeup Brushes – cleaning and after care

Makeup brushes – how to clean and take good care of them

Cleaning makeup brushes is the easiest & most simple thing to do. You don’t need some fancy, expensive cleanser specifically for makeup brushes. In fact, the items you need would probably already be in your kitchen –

  • Any shampoo that’s mild like baby shampoo – I prefer using ‘Halo’ shampoo (remember the yellow colored shampoo that contains egg & smells divine)
  • Olive oil or baby oil
  • Paper towels
  • Dish, mug or some other container to clean the brushes in

How to clean makeup brushesHow to clean makeup brushesHow to clean makeup brushesHow to clean makeup brushes

For most brushes, particularly ones with synthetic bristles, all you need is your Halo shampoo. As long as you don’t wash them too vigorously, submerge them in water or dry them incorrectly, you’re not going to hurt your brushes at all by washing them with just this basic ingredient. First, understand the parts of a brush to know which bit can be dipped in water & which shouldn’t —

How to clean makeup brushes

The section between the ferrule & the handle should not be in water at any time as the glue is applied right there to seal the handle. Only the toe section, i.e. the bristles should be cleaned at all times.

Follow this 5 step technique for an efficient way of cleaning all the dirt out from the brushes —

STEP 1: Start by running your brushes under warm water.  Make sure you point your brushes downwards & don’t allow water to work it’s way up into the ferrule, which is the metal part of your brush where the bristles are fastened in place.  If you do get water up there, it could ruin the glue that holds the bristles in place, & make the bristles & handle fall apart.

How to clean makeup brushes

STEP 2: Put a tiny amount of shampoo into the dish & swirl your wet brush through the shampoo.  Be gentle, but don’t be afraid to really work the soap into the bristles to get them clean (of course, make sure you don’t get water/soap in the ferrule!)

How to clean makeup brushes

STEP 3: Rinse the soap out of your brushes completely. Remember that after you’ve used your brushes a couple times, they probably won’t go back to the same beautiful color they were when they were brand new, but you can get them pretty close.

How to clean makeup brushes

STEP 4: If your foundation or some other stubborn makeup just won’t come out of your brush, it’s time to bring out the oil.  Put a very small amount in the same dish & work it gently into your brush as you did your shampoo. This should help the makeup melt out, quite literally! A little squeezing & another shampooing up should get your brushes nice & clean. The oil can be difficult to get out completely but definitely not impossible.

How to clean makeup brushes

STEP 5: Drying your brushes properly is very important. Gently squeeze out excess water with a paper towel or tissues & then dry them at the edge of a table where the bristles are hanging out of the table & the handle is at rest on the table. This way the water will come out of the brush, instead of running down into the ferrule!

How to clean makeup brushes

Ideally, you should wash your brushes after every use – of course this is pretty impossible for most people, so once a week is the goal. Dirty brushes can cause breakouts, infections & all kinds of unfortunate things that could otherwise be easily prevented! Dirty brushes can also manipulate your makeup application, because products won’t go on as smoothly as they would with a clean brush. The more often you wash your brushes, the longer your brushes will last!

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