How to make lips look smaller

You might be wondering why would someone want their lips to look smaller? Well, there are some girls out there who have big lips & sometimes they’d like to see how it feels to have thin lips. To achieve smaller looking lips, you would just have to do the opposite of the techniques used to make them look more full. So:

  • Apply a lip color that’s a shade or two darker in the middle & use a lighter shade on the outer parts.
  • Avoid lip glosses & glossy finish lipsticks because these create visual fullness. Instead go for matte lipsticks or lip stains.
  • To make your mouth look wider hence making your lips look thinner, highlight the outer corners of your mouth with a concealer that’s a couple shades lighter than your foundation. Do not highlight the cupid’s bow, as this makes your lips look more fuller.
  • Go with nude or natural pink shades as this will make your lips look smaller. Colours like red, wine & maroon will stand out & make your lips more prominent.

How to make thick lips appear thin

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