Wedding Essentials to keep in your vanity box

There’s so much fun in doing your own wedding shopping! You can buy absolutely anything that you want without anyone stopping you 🙂 and just how exciting is shopping for makeup? But don’t get too carried away – buy products that you feel YOU WILL USE as cosmetics have an expiry date. They don’t last too long & if you take too many things, you might land up using just a few (your favorites) & ignore the others – there by throwing them in the trash. This post should help you choose what cosmetics need to go in your vanity box:-

1. Primer & foundation: If you are the kind who wears makeup often, I would suggest that you purchase a primer as this will act like a barrier between your skin & foundation & will also make the makeup stay on longer. In case if you use foundations occasionally, you can skip the primer. Now, make sure you only choose one foundation – for your skin type after many trials & errors. Foundations expire in 12 months, so there’s no point in buying more than one. Also the amount of foundation that you’d be using one time will make it last a year round.
makeup for vanity kit/box makeup for vanity kit/box

2. Powder: the most common skin type in India is ‘combination’ meaning the T-zone is oily. For such skin types, you will have to dab a loose/pressed/translucent powder over the foundation so that the skin does not look too oily after a couple of hours. In case if you have dry skin, you can skip this entirely. Also if you have already chosen a formula of a powder+foundation, you will not require another powder over this (duh, obviously).

makeup for vanity kit/box

3. Blush: If you love shades of pink & you feel you look best in them, pick 2 shades of pink. If you like experimenting, pick one pink & one peach/coral shade of blush. And stop right there! Blushes last the longest as you need to use ‘oh so little’!

makeup for vanity kit/box

4. Eye shadow: The toughest product to choose! I would suggest that you pick up 1 eye shadow palette which has a lot of colors for you to play around & experiment. In India we don’t have many options (and if we do, they create a hole in our pockets), but if you happen to travel abroad, you could pick them from there. Try they have an amazing variety of palettes at very affordable prices. Make sure that you choose a palette that has basic everyday colors like bronze, gold, brown, a nude shimmery color for highlighting under the brow bone (which can also be used to highlight the cheekbones & T-zone) & colors for smoky eyes like black, gray, green, blue, silver etc.

makeup for vanity kit/box

5. Eye liner: Pick a formula that you feel you can work with on an everyday basis. Choose between liquid, gel, pen tip liner or pencil. A liquid liner would come with a pointy tip brush which can be used easily. A gel liner would require a separate brush & this can be perfected with practice. For someone who is just starting off, a pen liner would be the best to use. A pencil liner is quick & easy again & the good thing is that you can use the pencil in the waterline too as kajal. Also in pencils you have tons of color options!

makeup for vanity kit/box

6. Kajal pencil: A black kajal pencil is a must-have product in your kit. Even on days when you don’t feel like or don’t want to wear any makeup, just wearing kajal will make a huge difference! You can choose shades like blue & green that you can wear on different outfits & for different occasions.

makeup for vanity kit/box

7. Eye lash curler & Mascara: Just before purchasing a curler make sure you get the hang of it. Once you have mastered the art, you’ll love the difference this small equipment makes! You’ll also love how amazing your lashes look after using mascara. Buy one mascara – as this is one product you need to get rid of every 3 months – it doesn’t matter if you’ve used it much or not! The day you open the mascara, it becomes a playground for bacteria. So in case if you have a mascara in your draw right now that’s a year old, please pop it into the bin!

makeup for vanity kit/box makeup for vanity kit/box

8. Lipstick, lip pencil & lip glosses: Ok! Lipstick is something that no one can stop with just one (this sounds like the ‘Lays’ ad)! More is definitely less in this case. So I suggest that you pick 4 shades in the beginning – red, pink, purplish pink & coral or peach. Now here’s what’s going to happen -each time you step out shopping, you are going to splurge on lipsticks more than any other makeup product. So initially if you just stop at 2 or 3, you won’t feel guilty when you come back home after your happy purchase & realize that you own way too many lipsticks all of a sudden! As for the lip liner, choose a color that’s universal – one for all so that you don’t take hours trying to find a lip pencil in your stash. In case if you choose to buy a red lipstick, make sure to buy a red lip pencil to match the lipstick. Moving on to lip glosses, I personally feel that one regular, clear lip gloss will work anytime & anywhere! You can wear it by itself or on a lipstick too.  If you wear glosses more than lipsticks, you for sure can own 3 to 4 glosses for variety 🙂

makeup for vanity kit/box makeup for vanity kit/box makeup for vanity kit/box

9. A set of makeup brushes: Using your fingers to apply makeup is a strict no-no as there’s a possibility of transferring all the germs & bacteria from your nails & fingers onto your face. Invest in the basic brushes foundation brush, blush brush, flat eye shadow brush, fluffy eye shadow blending brush & a pencil brush that you might require if you do a lot of smoky eyes. You can add on a lip brush if you feel the application of lipstick is tough from the lipstick container. has amazing sets of brushes that are pretty reasonable & last for a very long time! They can be purchased online and shipped to India.

makeup for vanity kit/box

10. Makeup remover: Am sure you dint think about this! Well, if you are going to use so much makeup, you surely need to take it off before going to bed. Olive oil, Johnson Baby oil, makeup wipes, makeup removers can all be used to remove every speck of makeup! Just make sure to have any of these handy.

makeup for vanity kit/box

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