Perfect eyebrow shape

Perfect eyebrow shape for your face

A lot of us do not pay much attention to grooming our eyebrows! Thick eyebrows sometimes might make you look younger whereas thin brows have the tendency to instantly age your face – this does not mean that you follow the rule blindly. The shape of your brows should be determined by your face shape & structure. Your brows should be thicker at start (by the nose bridge) & gradually taper out towards the ends.

What shape should my brow be?

How to shape eyebrows

By using an eyebrow pencil or a makeup brush as a guide, you can begin with the following steps —

Step 1: The line from the edge of your nose (the side of the nostril) should be directly proportional to where your brow should begin.

Step 2: From the same spot as Step 1, the second line should go straight through the pupil, where the arch of your brow should sit.

Step 3: Also from the same spot as Step 1, the last line should end at the outer corner of your eyes, which is also where your brow should end.

How do I choose a brow product?

If you already have full brows, filling them in with colour is not necessary, but for the rest of you who have slight gaps in between, you can always fill them in with a tiny bit of eye shadow with the help of an angled brush or an eyebrow pencil. Never use a black powder or pencil to fill in, even if you have black hair as your brows are going to look very unnatural & ‘done-up’. If you have black hair, it’s best to use dark brown instead of black.

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