How to do smokey eyes in 3 different ways

How to do smokey eyes in 3 different ways

Do you have a preference for smokey? Earlier I used to love the edgy & stark smokey but now prefer the more “natural” or wearable one, this seems to be what actually looks the best on most women. The classic smokey eye is super sexy. But there are lots of variations & combinations to play with. You can choose your favorite from the below ones:

The Soft Smoky Eye:

how to do smokey eyes

soft smokey eye can be achieved with a mid tone color (light, medium or dark), a bit of liner & mascara. You don’t really focus on defining the crease because the look is supposed to be soft. This picture of Rani Mukherjee is a nice example. She has a good amount of mascara & a bit of smudged liner. A brown shadow is smudged underneath the eye, applied onto the lid & blended up into the crease & outward at the corners. You don’t need more than 3 products to achieve this look.

The Classic Smokey Eye:

how to do smokey eyes

The photo above of Anushka Sharma demonstrates a classic smokey eye. Deeper espresso browns & blacks are smudged with a good dose of black liner & plenty of mascara. There is a bit more emphasis on creating a dramatic look by bringing out the bone structure in the eyes. While the above look might be considered strong for those of you not used to wearing makeup, this is the kind of eye you will see many celebrities wearing.

The Dramatic Smokey Eye:

how to do smokey eyes

For this look, all you need is a black liner, some false lashes & tons of mascara. Keep the brows natural but gloss the lips & contour the cheeks. Blend, blend,blend! The smokey look can also be achieved with different colors like green, blue, cranberry, purple, grey, etc…. You don’t have to limit yourself to black or brown.

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