How to apply foundation – with a sponge or brush?

‘How to apply foundation’ – using a sponge or brush?

Lots of people prefer using sponges & they’re inexpensive and disposable. They give great control of application but I don’t like using them personally because they soak up a lot of product – so there’s less on the face & more wasted in the sponge. But then they are great at blending. When you apply foundation with sponges it’s best to put a little gob of foundation on the back of your hand & then use the corner of the sponge to simply dab foundation onto your face, blending as you go.

How to apply foundation

With brushes, you can take little foundation on you hands & use the bristles to blend all over without wasting too much product. Also, you can reach into places that you’d generally forget applying foundation like the hair line, corners of the lips & nose etc. The only difference with brushes & sponges would be that instead of dabbing & blending, you’ll be buffing the foundation onto your skin in small circles to make it as natural as possible 🙂

How to apply foundation

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