How to apply eyeliner part 2: Applying eyeliner for different eye shapes

This post is part 2 in the series ‘how to apply eyeliner’ by Zuri. Today we cover how to apply eyeliner for different eye shapes.

Now that we are aware of the types of liners available (covered in part 1), the next step would be to identify your eye shape & learn how to accentuate it. A single product like an eyeliner can make such a huge difference. The idea is that before we delve deeper into how to apply eyeliner, its important to understand your eyes and give the liner look that works well for you. Ofcourse, these as very general guidelines, and not to taken as gospel. The key spirit of makeup is to have fun and play with it! So follow these tips only as a broad guidance, and the only intention is to recommend a eyeliner look that suits the eye shape, to enhance the eyes—


Since the eyes are wide apart, you’ll need to pull them in a bit together. To reduce space between your eyes, use a darker shadow on the inner corners & a slightly lighter color for the rest of the eye. Apply the eyeliner on your upper & lower lid from the inner corner of the eyes & go as close to the inner tear duct as possible. Avoid sweeping shadow out to the temples. Instead let your shadow fade out before it reaches the end of the eye.

 How to apply Eyeliner for Different Eye shapes

CLOSE SET EYES                                                                                              

Since the eyes are closer to each other, you’ll need to push them away. Begin with applying eyeliner from the outer corner of the upper & lower eyelids, working your way towards the third of the inner corner. Do not line the inner corner of your eyes as it will make your eyes appear even closer. Keep the emphasis on the outer corners. Dab extra mascara or add individual lashes to the outer corner to pull the focus outward.

How to apply Eyeliner for Different Eye shapes


Applying lighter shades of eyeliner will give the illusion of bigger eyes. If you choose to use black or colored liner, make sure that you start with a thin line from the inner corner which gradually thickens towards the outer corner. Use a white or flesh tone kajal on the water line as it will brighten up the eyes. You could also add some shimmery highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes. Adding more light & shiny colors around the eye makes it look bigger.

How to apply Eyeliner for Different Eye shapes



This shape can handle just about any look. Apply the eyeliner only on your upper lid from the inner towards the outer corner of the eye. You could very easily carry a winged or a cat eye liner. For daytime, you could dust a natural shade of shadow all over & wear eyeliner from inner to outer corner & for the night you could add some liner below the waterline & smudge for a sultry smokey effect.

How to apply Eyeliner for Different Eye shapes


Asians don’t have much of a crease & the brow bone is less defined. You can try creating definition & the illusion of dimension with a gradient of eye shadows going from dark to light. Shade the darkest color closest to the lash line, the soft neutral hue in the middle & the shiny color at the brow bone. Always curl lashes for a lift. Apply eyeliner on your upper lid from the 2/3rd inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner. For the lower lid, apply the eyeliner from the inside to the outer corner of the eye. You can also smudge for a smokey effect.

How to apply Eyeliner for Different Eye shapes

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