The perfect lip scrub for dry, chapped lips

Dry, flaky or chapped lips have irritated us at some point or the other in our lives! But did you know that there’s an extremely simple way to get rid of it?!?! Get ready to be pleasantly surprised 😎

All you need are 3 things – sugar (brown or white), vaseline & honey!

Lip scrub for dry chapped lips

Take an empty container & put 1 table spoon of Vaseline, another table spoon of sugar & a teaspoon of honey. Mix all three together & scoop a small amount onto your fingers & massage around your lips until the flaky skin has lifted off your lips. This should only take about thirty seconds. Then with a damp wash cloth or tissue remove the sugar mixture & apply a balm immediately after. I use this all the time during winters to keep my lips smooth.

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