Simple Indian bridal makeup for a cocktail or sangeet ceremony

Simple is beautiful – Try this Indian bridal makeup that is easy to do and can be achieved in 15-20 minutes

With the wedding season in full swing, all of us are getting geared up to look our best with the trendiest clothes and stunning mehandi designs on the hands. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do a basic Indian bridal makeup.

The final look achieved in this bridal makeup tutorial is:

Indian bridal makeup 21

Step 1: Begin with the eye makeup first – apply an eye shadow base all over the eye lid to help make the eye shadow last all through the night.

Indian bridal makeup 01

Step 2: With a flat eye shadow brush, apply a gold eye shadow (MAC Amber lights) all over the lid evenly.

Indian bridal makeup 02

Step 3: Blend the gold shadow with the help of a blending brush (MAC #217) making wiper motions back and forth until there are no lines visible.

Indian bridal makeup 03

Step 4: With the same blending brush choose a dark green shade (MAC Humid) eye shadow to add some depth in the outer corner and the crease. Blend away.

Indian bridal makeup 04

Step 5: Wipe off the color as much as you can from the blending brush on a tissue and apply a highlight shade (B&D silver pigment) on the brow bone.

Indian bridal makeup 05

Step 6: Use a kajal pencil (MAC Engraved) and apply all through the waterline by taking short strokes back and forth to get a good amount of color payoff.

Indian bridal makeup 06

Step 7: Using a fine tip brush, take some gel eyeliner (Loreal 24 hour gel liner) and apply a very thin line on the upper lash line in case of small eyes. Women with more lid space can apply a thick liner and even wing it out if required. Apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Indian bridal makeup 07

Step 8: Next, moving on to the face. Take a pea sized quantity of face primer (MAC Prep+Prime) and massage all over the face. Massage only for a minute as doing it longer will result in formation of flakes over the skin.

Indian bridal makeup 08

Step 9: Then apply concealer on areas that have some darkness like under eye circles, corners of the nose, area around the mouth etc. Make sure that the concealer blends into the skin so that it does not look unnatural. Use the ring finger (it’s the finger that gives the least amount of pressure) or a blending brush.

Indian bridal makeup 09

Step 10: Next step would be to apply foundation. When purchasing foundation, always test it on the jawline and not on the hand or other parts of the face. Apply the foundation (MAC Studio fix fluid NC 37) with the help of a flat foundation brush (MAC 190) for a heavy coverage or a stippling brush for a natural finish.

Indian bridal makeup 10

Step 11: Set the foundation with a loose powder or pressed powder or foundation powder (MAC Studio fix powder+foundation NC40) using a fluffy blush brush (MAC #219) or a makeup sponge for slightly more coverage.

Indian bridal makeup 12

Step 12: Going back to the eyes, apply a matte brown shade (MAC Embark) on the lower lash line with the help of a pencil brush (MAC #219) to create a shadow under the eyes. Remember, any dark shade will push back a feature and anything that’s light and shiny will bring the feature forward, i.e. highlight.

Indian bridal makeup 13

Step 13: With the same pencil brush, apply the same gold eye shadow (MAC Amber lights) in the inner corner of both the eyes to help them look more ‘awake’. There will be a visible difference in the photographs being clicked!

Indian bridal makeup 14

Step 14: Move on to contouring the cheekbones. Suck in the cheekbones and apply a matte brown shade (2 shades darker than the original skin tone) with the help of an angled contour brush (Vega). In case a well defined nose is desired, apply the same powder on the edges of the nose to create an illusion of sharpness.

Indian bridal makeup 15

Step 15: Time to make some rosy cheeks! Apply a pink shade of blush (B&D pink) on the apples of the cheeks with the help of a fluffy dome shaped brush (MAC #219) and blend upwards until the temples of the forehead.

Indian bridal makeup 16

Step 16: To give a lift to the cheekbones, apply a silverish-gold shade (B&D pigment) on the highest plane of the face as a highlighter using a tapered blending brush (Sigma E45). This can also be applied on the T-zone, i.e. the forehead, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and the chin.

Indian bridal makeup 17

Step 17: To add more sheen on the cheeks since it is a bridal function, sweep some gold highlighter (B&D gold highlighter) on the cheeks over the blush. This step is optional.

Indian bridal makeup 18

Step 18: Moving onto the lips, apply a lip pencil (MAC Half-red) all over the lips so that this acts as a base for the lipstick and will help in making the lipstick last much longer.

Indian bridal makeup 19

Step 19: With the help of a lip brush, apply the lipstick (MAC Speak Louder) all over the lips evenly. The lip brush is used so as to get utmost precision on the corners and edges without making a mistake.

Indian bridal makeup 20

The finished look!

Indian bridal makeup 21

In case if you would like to see the video tutorial of this look, just click here.

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