74 Simple mehandi designs for hands: The Ultimate Guide

Intense mehandi designs are not for everyone – sometimes we all crave something simpler – this guide contains 74 of the most elegant and simple mehandi designs you might love to try

Simple can be beautiful. Less can be more. It is certainly true in life, and definitely true for mehandi/henna designs. There are some truly amazing mehandi artists (and more) out there. While the delicate intricacy of their work is truly awe-inspiring and their designs are stunning, there are times and there are those who are looking for something simple – not mundane, or boring, but just something that is elegant and beautiful. Very recently, Zuri has added some of the most amazing pakistani mehandi designs to its collection – don’t forget to check it out!

simple mehndi designs for hands

Being a bridal makeup artist, I have always been a fan of mehandi designs – they inspire me and in my opinion, complete the look for an Indian bride. But I have also found myself craving for some very simple designs – and I decided to write about that. Surprisingly, simple elegant mehandi designs are not so easy to come across. With arabic mehandi designs being all the rage these days, finding a mehandi design that one could call ‘simple’ was harder than I thought. I have curated designs that are clutter-free and can be applied quickly. These designs are NOT something that you can necessarily do by yourself – well, the talented ones amongst you probably can 🙂 – but not everyone can do these at home. The purpose of this collection is to showcase designs that are simple in their look, and not simple to apply (thats for another day and another post!).

simple mehndi designs for hands

Here is Zuri’s collection of the absolute best simple mehandi designs in one place. Choose the one that you love the most, and try it out! Don’t forget to comment below on which one you like the most. Hope you like this collection.

simple mehndi designs for hands

Note that these designs are not created by me, but simply curated by me. Where the original artist’s watermark was present, it has not been tampered with. For other designs, the sources will be added soon.

The ultimate collection of simple mehandi designs:

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  1. Hello your mehendi is very attractive and I just wanted to know that I had mehendi done on my hands and it’s been 7 days and it’s gone a bit light is it possible if I could get it dark again

  2. very beautiful. i enjoyed very much. I am an untrained artist, i got some new ideas thank you very much

  3. Very nice designs I belong to a sindhi family and on the coming teej, I’ll go with your awesome designs!

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