How to do eye makeup with only kajal

Easy tips on using kajal to do different types of eye makeup

There are many different ways of applying kajal – in the waterline, as an eye liner, for smokey eyes etc. But have you ever thought that your entire eye makeup can be done by using just this one product? It is very much possible… Read on.

1. Kajal in the waterline

The easiest and simplest way of applying kajal is on the waterline. By starting from the inner to outer corner and going back and forth with the color and giving a little bit of pressure, a pitch black line can be obtained.

eye makeup with kajal 1

2. Smudging kajal into the lower lash line

To give the eyes a slightly soft and dreamy effect, with the help of a Q-tip (ear bud) quickly smudge the kajal on the lower lash line. This is a look that many Bollywood actresses have been flaunting in many movies of theirs – think Kareen Kapoor in Kurbaan and Rani Mukherjee in Chalte Chalte. The same smudged look can be done with a blur, brown or green colored kajal too. The cotton bud can be replaced with an angled brush too.

eye makeup with kajal 2

3. Tightlining

For women who don’t want the eyeliner to be very prominent, tightlining is the best option. By stretching the upper eyelid a little and applying kajal on the upper waterline, it gives the illusion of fuller lashes as well as a very natural eyeliner.

eye makeup with kajal 3

4. Using kajal as an eyeliner – normal or winged

Applying a smooth line of kajal on the upper lash line needs some practice. But once it’s learnt, it’s just going to be a cake walk. Experiment with different styles of eyeliner or stick to the very basic straight line. For a night out, try the winged liner. This will take your eye makeup to an entirely different level!

eye makeup with kajal 4

5. Smudging eyeliner with Q-tip for smokey eyes

Love smokey eyes? All you need is a black kajal pencil and a Q-tip. Draw a basic shabby line all over the upper eyelid and blend/smudge away till there is a ‘smoked’ out transition. The color needs to be darkest at the lash line and gradually lighter as you move upwards.

 eye makeup with kajal 5 eye makeup with kajal 6

eye makeup with kajal 7

  • In case if the Q-tip feels rough on the eyes, use a pencil brush to blend. Using a brush makes the eye makeup look more even.
  • Use a kajal that is creamy, as doing the smokey eye with a hard pencil will not be possible. The texture would not blend easily.
  • Don’t we all know the golden rule – remove the eye makeup before going to bed!

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