70 Stunning nail art designs

Stunning nail art designs that will blow your mind away

Everyday while I am blogging about bridal looks, mehndi designs, makeup tricks etc. the other browsers open alongside are all about nail art! I get blown away at the art of doing so much on a tiny body part such as the nails, that I decided to go on a mission to make the ULTIMATE GUIDE of the most stunning nail art designs. It took me a while to find the best ones but it has left me satisfied.

Stunning nail art designs 21

These designs are pretty tough to do on your own – you might need some professional help. Or then there are tons of nail art tutorials that will help a beginner understand the tools that you would require to try these at home. Sadly, in India we don’t have many nail polish brands that can be specifically used for nail art, but I think we are getting there. Guess we’ll just have to make do with what is around. These creative nail art designs incorporate beads, pearls, stones and so much more! A tip that someone gave me a long time ago to avoid breakage of nails was to moisturize and massage the nails the exact same way we would moisturize our skin. Nails break mainly due to dryness. So now you have your answer! Anyhow, the design that I feel is most stunning is below. How can anything be this perfect? 🙂

Stunning nail art designs 36

Here is Zuri’s collection of the absolute gorgeous nail art designs in one place. Don’t forget to comment below on which one you like the most. Hope you like this collection. Note that these designs are not created by me, but simply curated by me. Each image has been linked to it’s original source. Each artist deserves his own credit. Feast your eyes—

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  1. Wow, The images which are shared about the nail art is fabulous. Today, artificial nails are seeming too good. Based upon the dress color, WE can make the nail in that color combination.

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