How To Do Eye Makeup With Arabic Liner

Learn how to achieve this bold eye makeup with green, purple, electric blue and orange colors. This post is part of a series of posts on how to do eye makeup by Zuri.

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Today we cover how to do eye makeup to achieve this look in a few easy steps.

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Step 1 – Start with a simple eye shadow base

Apply any eye primer so that the color has something to stick on to. Also, since I have played with mostly matte eye shadows, an eye primer is a must.

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Step 2 – Go green

Matte shadows give an amazing color payoff, but the only problem is that sometimes the color does not come out the way it actually is in the palette. A great tip I received when working with matte shadows was to pick the matte shade on the flat eye shadow brush and spray some setting spray on the brush. Now when the shadow is applied on the eye, the color is bold and crisp.

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Step 3 – Add purple

Since I was going for a bold look, I chose to use a purple shadow for the contouring of the eye. To intensify the look more, a matte black shadow can also be used. Then I applied a mild highlighter on the brow bone and blended all the colors together with a fluffy brush.

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Step 4 – Make the wing

Now it’s the fun part – doing the Arabic liner. First, get the wing equal on both sides. Then join it from the middle till the wing and finally from the inner corner extended outside. Mine is an exaggerated liner look. In case you would like to try it without the pointy tips in the inner corner, it’s still going to look lovely. This should help any beginner choose a liner and try eyeliner styles – How to apply eyeliner covered in a different series

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Step 5 – Kajal time

To intensify the look further, I applied dark black kajal in the waterline. I took it below the waterline and smudged it to give it a smokey effect.

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Step 6 – Dream of electric blue

To continue with the bold colors, I opted for an electric blue shadow for the lower lash line. This added a pop of color to the look.

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Step 7 – Tinge of orange

The inner corner was filled with an orange matte shadow and blended with the blue with a fluffy dome shaped brush. To add more drama to the eyes, I added some glitter on the lower lash line (over the orange shadow) and the tear duct area! Fun!!!

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Step 8 – Curl

Curled the lashes a number of times.

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Step 9 – Mascara

My next favorite step – applying mascara. I coated the lashes with mascara from above and below as matte shadows tend to color the lashes from above too! So it’s advisable to coat the lashes well with mascara from both sides unless you want people to see ‘green’ when those gorgeous lashes flutter :-p

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Step 10 – The look

Ta da! The final look!

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Basic ingredients:

1. BH Cosmetics 2nd edition 120 colours palette

2. Foundation MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35

3. MAC Smolder Kohl pencil

4. MAC Penultimate liner

5. Chanel Mascara

6. Glitter (B&D professional glitter)

7. Colors dabbled into: Green, Purple, Electric Blue and Orange

8. On lips: Clinique Chubby stick in Curviest Caramel

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