18 Nail art designs for short nails

Simple nail art designs for short nails

Not all of us are blessed with long nails! Some of us have short nails due to some calcium deficiency or each time it grows, it gets chipped while opening a draw (sounds familiar?) or just because you wear contact lenses (you obviously do not want to poke your eye) or simply due to taking piano lessons. But this must not stop us from trying some nail art although they are short. Why should only girls with long nails have all the fun? Right?

nail art designs for short nails 08

Nail art requires mastery over the art – it is beautiful if done by skilled hands. Nail art or nail painting is done with the help of needles, stencils and nail brushes and cannot be learnt overnight! Constant dedication and practice will lead you to drawing stunning designs. It is going to be tough initially, especially on short nails, but begin with the simplest of designs – like polka dots or simple 2 toned nails. Gradually get into trying some complicated designs and if you do not succeed, try, try, try again 🙂

nail art designs for short nails 13

None of these designs have been done by me. All the images have been taken from Pinterest and if there is a watermark of the artist on the image, I haven’t tampered with it. Enjoy the gorgeous designs and do ‘comment’ below to let me know how you find them. Oh and don’t miss the fun nail trivia at the end of the article 🙂

*Fun Nail Trivia*

  • Did you know that nails grow 1/10th of an inch each month?
  • They are made out of keratin, which is also the key structural component of our hair.
  • On the nail, the pale half-circle part above the cuticle is known as the ‘lunula’ and the nail meets the skin at the ‘cuticle’.

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