14 Nail Art Designs – DIY

Nail art designs that you can do on your own with a little bit of practice

Nail art designs have suddenly become so popular this past year! Women with long or short nails, brides to be, or basically anyone who has nails (duh!!!) can get nail art done at a salon or by themselves looking at tons of DIY nail art designs online! A trend everywhere nowadays is OMBRE (meaning shaded) – ombre hair, ombre lips and of course ombre nails 🙂 Believe me, it’s the simplest of nail art designs. Have a look at the image below–

nail art designs 09

Another trend that never goes out of fashion are ‘Glitter nail art designs’. Very easy to do – all you need are 2 shades of polish and a triangular makeup sponge. Check this out—

nail art designs 14

Easy peasy no? Anyway, here are more easy nail art designs for you to try out. None of these have been done by me but by some very talented nail artists. They have been sourced to their original images and the watermark has not been tampered with. Give these designs a try and let me know, by commenting below, which one you loved the most.

*Some nail art tips n tricks*

  • A great tip for any nail art is to make sure that the base color is completely dry or you risk smudging.
  • Colors in any nail art design look best with complimentary colors. Meaning opposite colors in the color wheel.

colour wheel

  • In case if you don’t have a dotting tool, use anything from toothpicks to bobby pins to fine tip paint brushes. They all do the same job.
  • Feel free to tweak any of the nail art designs. They don’t have to look exactly like what the images tell you. Make the designs your own.
  • To clean up your cuticles in the end, just dip a Q-tip works and wipe away extra polish.

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