New Years Eve makeup ideas

2 New Years Eve makeup ideas you can choose from to look your best!

New Year’s Eve is one of those nights that you plan and prepare for days in advance. Since the night is so special, it’s important to have a flawless face and impeccable makeup. Whether you have big or small plans, you don’t want to have to worry about touch-ups or smudgy eyes. You’ll want to keep your look smudge-free, streak-free and smear-free. Enjoy the video for a glamorous look and a simple one. To know more on how you can make your makeup stick on all night, read on 🙂

Follow these makeup tips to enjoy your night without stressing over touch-ups—

For the eyes–

  • Most people opt for bold/dramatic/glittery eye makeup for New Year’s Eve. If you fit in that category, begin with your eyes, and then do the rest of your face. Bold eye makeup tends to be messy, and you can end up smudging mascara or dropping flakes of eye shadow. Do the eyes first, then clean up the surrounding area with cotton and remover before moving on to foundation.
  • First, prep the lid with a primer. This will keep your eye shadow in place and prevent creasing.
  • When it’s turn for the liner, draw the line with a pencil and go over it with a liquid or gel liner for a line that won’t disappear.
  • Have watery eyes? Does your kajal tend to vanish as soon as you enter the party? Replace your regular pencil kajal with a gel liner and apply in the waterline. To make it even more budge-proof, apply some black powder eye shadow on the lower lash line to hold on to the gel liner!
  • When the lashes need to be curled, heat up the eyelash curler first to give them a more permanent hold. Before applying mascara, dust a translucent powder over the tops of your lashes to give your lashes more grip and make the mascara last longer.
  • Go for a waterproof mascara. Rule of thumb: if it stays in place during rain or a swim, then it’s good for New Year’s Eve.

For the face–

  • If you don’t wear a primer every time you wear makeup, it’s okay. But when you’re making the most amount of effort to look stunning, it’s best you wear a face primer before adding any foundation. The silicone in the primer allows the pigment from your foundation to stick and makes sure it doesn’t slide off.
  • After you apply your foundation, set it with a light translucent powder to make it 100% smudge-proof.
  • A powder blush applied over a cream blush is a great way to achieve rosy cheeks that won’t disappear.
  • For the ultimate faux glow, apply highlighter on cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and a touch on the forehead.
  • Finally, invest in a good setting spray that will ensure that your face stays flawless without having to touch it up. It’s the final seal that will lock in your look and make sure it doesn’t budge.

For the lips–

  • Make sure your lips are moisturized, at the beginning of your routine, with petroleum jelly; otherwise, your lip color could flake off early on especially if you are wearing a matte texture.
  • Even if you usually do not use a lip liner, now would be the time to bring it out. Line your lips and fill them in with the pencil to provide a nice base to your color. Apply your lip color with a brush to fill in every tiny gap and ensure that your color is smooth. Blot with tissue and some loose powder and reapply.

To carry in your clutch for Touch-Ups–

These essentials will come handy for touch-ups. I recommend bringing the following items along for the evening:

  1. A powder compact or blotting sheets (in case if you sweat or oil while on the dance floor)
  2. Lipstick
  3. Deodorant/Perfume
  4. And finally, your setting spray to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated (for which women will be envious of you for looking so gorgeous!) You’ll thank me later for this one 🙂

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