How To Apply Kajal

A comprehensive guide on how to apply kajal with some effective tips on application

Welcome to Zuri’s ‘how to’ video series. This series focuses on the application technique and covers the following topics: 1) how to apply foundation, 2) how to apply kajal, 3) how to apply mascara, 4) how to apply lipstick, 5) how to apply eye shadow and 6)how to apply eyeliner. This video series builds on the previous knowledge that was published on Zuri. For example, about kajal, try the makeup tips hereherehere and here. Now that you know which kajal to use, check out the second video in these series and learn the secret about how to apply kajal perfectly.


Bobbi Brown once said – “Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident”. I feel that kajal is one such makeup up product that suits each and every woman and can very easily brighten up the face.

Here are 7 different styles in which a kajal can be worn on the eyes–

Basic line: The most simple and commonly applied technique. Simply running through the kajal in the waterline.

Upper lash line: Skipping application of kajal in the waterline and instead applying kajal as an eye liner on the upper lash line. This technique gives the illusion of fuller lashes.

Tight-lining: Instead of applying kajal on the upper lash line, you apply it inside the upper waterline. You can line the lower waterline too for a fuller lash look.

Smudging on lower lash line: In this technique, you to apply kajal in the waterline and dab a little of it slightly below and smudge with a brush. This gives a smokey and dreamy kinda effect.

Smokey eyes: Another way of making the eyes stand out! Smudging the upper and lower lash lines with kajal and blending with either a pencil brush or a Q-tip.

Winged liner: All of us know the impact a slight ‘flick’ in the outer corner creates. This lifts up the eyes and gives it a cat like shape. Especially good for women with round eyes and droopy eyelids.

Double winged liner: To experiment with different looks, the double winged liner can be applied. First, draw a flick on the upper lash line as usual. Then from the edge of the lower lash line, add another flick towards the upper one.

Hope this has helped each one of you in achieving your favorite kajal look. Do drop us a comment below in case if you would like to see posts on any particular topics.

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2 thoughts on “How To Apply Kajal

  1. Hey – when i tightline my eyes on the upper lids – the kajal gets transferred to the under-eye area … Can you please let me know how to avoid this .. I’ve tried this with maybelline gel liner as well as lakme absolute kohl

    • Hi. For the color not to transfer on the lower lid you will have to allow the kajal to dry on the upper lid first. Hold on to the lid for a couple of minutes and keep looking down so that the color does not transfer. Let me know if it worked 🙂

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