25 Simple nail art designs

Simple nail art designs that you would love and want to try!

Okay, we’re not all nail art professionals here, but women love nail art designs and learning some of the right nail art tips can make you pretty darn close to being one! Women in general love nails as they are an extension of their fashion sense but they also like to keep things simple as sometimes simple can result in some miraculous things. Even if it’s just applying a light color to your nails, keeping them well groomed shows that you take good care of yourself. Sometimes, adding a little bit of nail art can spice up your plain nails!

simple nail art designs 01

Polka dot nail art is easy to achieve and a great place to start if you are just beginning to experiment with nail art. All you will need is the rubber tip of a bent-open bobby pin. Dip the tool into polish and dot it onto your nail in an alternating pattern. Finish with topcoat.

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To speed up the drying process:-

  • Use a top coat labelled as “Quick dry”.
  • Use a hair dryer on a cool setting (the heat setting will keep the polish tacky).
  • Or dip your hands into a bowl of cold water – about a minute should do it.

simple nail art designs 17

These designs are fit to be worn in any situation – a date, work, or just a Saturday night pyjama party. So if you are always looking online before you go to the salon for new ideas and photos to show the artist, here are some of my favorite simple nail art designs!

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