Valentines day makeup

A soft yet bold valentines day makeup for all the women in love 🙂

Valentine’s day is generally associated with roses, balloons, teddy bears, greeting cards and cakes! This valentine’s day makeup is inspired by all these things. I wanted the focus to be on the lips, as the bright pink is a fun color and is perfect for this occasion 🙂

Valentines day makeup

The following are the products used:-

For the face:

Valentines day makeup 02

For the eyes:

Valentines day makeup 03

For the lips:

Valentines day makeup 04

First, I applied the BB cream with my fingers and blended it evenly all over the face. Next, I contoured my cheeks and chin and followed it up with some pink blush. Finally I stroked a silvery highlighter on the cheekbones. And this is what I did on to the eyes and the lips-

Step 1: Since I wanted my eyes to look toned down and not shimmery, I began by using a matte eye shadow base all over the eyelid.

Valentines day makeup 05

Step 2: Then with a blending brush I picked a shiny brown shade (shade no.1) and blended it along the crease to add some depth.

Valentines day makeup 06

Step 3: Then with a flat eye shadow brush I packed a matte pink shade (shade no.2) and applied it all across the lid until below the crease line and blended.

Valentines day makeup 07

Step 4: Next, with my ring finger I applied a shimmery white color (shade no.3) on the brow bone (click here if you want the perfect eyebrow shape) as a highlighter and blended with a blending brush after.

Valentines day makeup 08

Step 5: Instead of lining my eyes with a black kajal, I chose to use a brown for a more soft and subtle look. Then with a pencil brush I packed the brown shade (shade no.1) and applied it just below the waterline.

Valentines day makeup 09

Valentines day makeup 10

Step 6: To highlight the eyes even further, using the same brush I applied the shimmery silver color (shade no.3) in the inner corner of both the eyes.

Valentines day makeup 11

Step 7: Next I applied the brown kajal pencil as an eyeliner and smudged it with an angled brush for a softer smokey look.

Valentines day makeup 12 Valentines day makeup 13

Step 8: We all know the next step by now, don’t we? Yep! Curling those lovely lashes 🙂

Valentines day makeup 14

Step 9: And then it was mascara time! I applied mascara on the upper and lower lashes to get a doll kinda look. Feel free to throw on some faux lashes!

Valentines day makeup 15 Valentines day makeup 16

Step 10: The final step – THE PINK LIPSTICK! I made sure that my lips were not chapped by applying my holy grail scrub and then applied the lipstick directly from the bullet and then with the help of a lip brush to fix the corners and edges.

Valentines day makeup 17

“Happy Valentine’s Day to those who have found love, in whatever shape or form, and to those who are still hunting, don’t give up. If you feel bad, send yourself a card. You must be worth it.”— Jeanette Winterson

Valentines day makeup 01

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