How to look good in photos

Each one of us wants to look good in photographs as photographs create lovely memories. Here are some valuable tips on how to look good in pictures using make up! These tips are for a professional photo shoot or even just for your camera phone!

Stick with mattes – In portraits, a matte finish is more desirable than a glossy finish. When you’re going to be photographed you want to avoid anything that is going to reflect light on your face, i.e. mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is suitable for everyday wear, but in photographs it can give a shine. Applying the foundation with a damp sponge or foundation brush will help avoid streaking.

Don’t use artificial light when applying makeup – Indoor lighting can alter the appearance of your make up hence apply in natural light. We’ve all seen pictures of ourselves where we thought our makeup was good when we were home, but in pictures we are left to wonder what went wrong!

Always set with powder – Set your foundation with a translucent matte powder banishing any shine especially around the T-zone.

Play up your eyes with matte or satin textured shadows – Dark colors can cause your images to look dated and your eyes to look small. Almost every makeup brand offers eye shadow pallets that can give you a neutral look for your eyes. Gold’s, browns and coppers really play up any eye color.

Don’t shy away from using a bit more concealer – Most of us try to cover up dark circles under our eyes with small quantities of concealer. For everyday use it’s fine, but occasionally in pictures you might need a wee bit more coverage. Blend out the concealer extremely well, either with your ring finger or a dome shaped brush.

Use liquid liner –  In case if you shy away from using black liner, I suggest lining the upper lash line with a brown or black brown eyeliner keeping the line extra-close to your lashes. The liquid liner will define your eyes more for the photos and will keep it looking natural.

Choose waterproof mascara – Two coats of black water proof mascara will look great. I’d suggest using a new mascara tube as the product will not be dried out causing you to have clumpy lashes. Be sure to wipe off any excess mascara on the tube before your application.

Go bright with blush – When blush is applied correctly, it expertly enhances your look. When the flash hits the face, blush makes the skin look radiant. Choose a shade that resembles the flush you have after you have exercised or laughed 🙂 Don’t be scared to go a bit brighter because the camera has a tendency to wash out the color and be sure to blend around the edges. Finally take a clean large fluffy brush and blend once more for the most natural finish.

Stick with natural shades of lipstick – A naturally colored lip is most flattering in pictures. One of my favorite ways to keep the lip natural is to use a neutral/nude colored lip pencil by filling in the entire lip. I then apply a nude or pink colored gloss over, concentrating more in the center and blending out toward the edges of the mouth.

Contour to add dimension – Use a bronzer which is a two shades darker than your natural color to brush under your cheekbones, under your chin, along either side of your nose, and the outer corners of your forehead.

Brighten the eyes – To make the eyes look bigger, brighter and awake, use a little white shadow/pencil on the inside corners of both eyes. Oh and don’t forget to use eye drops to get rid of any redness in the eyes.

Fill in the brows –  Brows bring out the bone structure in photos, so sketching them with a matte shadow or with a bit of pencil is crucial as they tend to look much lighter in photos.

Take a few practice shots in the midst of the makeup and also before heading out to make any corrections. Finding your best angle is really helpful not just for yourself but for your photographer too. Here’s how u can find your best angle–

  • Have someone take a photo of you.
  • Start turning your face away from the camera.
  • Look down to relax your eyes and then look up.
  • Do it again but this time keep turning your head ever so slightly.

What you are doing is taking photos from all angles, giving u different options to play around with. If you keep looking at the camera the entire time, sometimes your eyes can look strained and not relaxed. And if all else fails, just smile 🙂 Happy clicking!

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