25 Cute ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Ponytail hairstyles for long hair that always work

Long ponytails are being noticed everywhere this year – from the runways, at weddings, and not to mention all the Bollywood red carpet events and award shows. They are super sexy as they look elegant and have tons of styling options. All you have to do is toss your hair up, pull it though an elastic, and you are done. Ponytails are always likable, infinitely versatile and can be worn from a sleek pulled-back ponytail to a retro-inspired ponytail or straight, high, low, or even textured and can be worn when you are lounging around the house, to the gym or as a quick fix if you are having a ‘bad-hair’ day!

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You could choose a more conservative side ponytail that is soft and sexy. It is the perfect side pony for any occasion and is perfect for an evening outing. Be sure to try it with a smokey eyes makeup for the full effect! Or stick to a soft, yet dramatic half pony that falls over the shoulder to one side.

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The best ponytail for a round shaped face would be something that gives height at the crown of the head as it will help balance out the roundness of the cheeks. For a square or rectangular shaped face, it’s best to leave some loose strands around the sides of the face in the shape of waves to ease out the sharp jawline and hairline. For a heart shaped face, going for side-swept bangs will help balance out the wide forehead and narrow chin by giving length to the face. If you are blessed with an oval face, you can pretty much wear any ponytail hairstyle.

In the end, just play with the hair until you think it looks pretty. Adjust it until YOU like the way you look.


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