30 Stylish updo hairstyles for women

Updo hairstyles for women worth trying

The web is filled with gorgeous updo hairstyle tutorials. Pulling the hair away from the face is a brilliant to show off a stunning make-up look, a smokey eye, or a bright lippie. If your styling skills aren’t great or you are pressed with time, attempting complex styles may lead to frustration. I’ve scoured the internet and found 30 feasible updo hairstyles. For any kind of hairstyle, I’d strongly recommend using lots of product – like hair spray, mousse or gel (clean hair is hard to work with). And who says that it has to be perfect? There is beauty in imperfection.

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Updo’s, if practiced, can be extremely quick and are easier to create than you can imagine. In fact, I tend to spend more time trying to fix my hair when I’ve left it loose, than I do wearing it up! I feel that certain updo’s can make you feel more confident and relaxed. I hate it when my hair is in my face and prefer pulling my hair up or just tying it in a ponytail!

A side swept and wavy retro up-do looks elegant. A loose up-do with curly tendrils to frame the face is always an impressive choice for a party along with a pop of color on the lips will ensure that your look stays glamorous.

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A high bun is the perfect party season hairstyle especially if paired with a strong red lip. Wearing a strapless dress? Leave a few strands loose to frame your face at the front to soften your up-do for an ultra-feminine style. Or simply opt for a loose low bun and statement earrings.

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Enjoy the step-by-step tutorials for each updo hairstyle!


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