30 Indian bridal hairstyles inspiration – Sleek and stylish updo’s

Indian bridal hairstyles that are sleek, modern and glam

You’ve picked the dress, confirmed the menu and hired a DJ. There’s just one last task left – deciding on your bridal hairstyle! There are so many hairstyles that could work – classic twists, loose curls, pretty ponytails, romantic rolls, sleek chignons, softly sideswept, retro inspired or beautiful braids. Since you choose the wedding lehenga or saree first, the bridal hairstyles should be carefully selected to mesh with the design and cut of your dress.

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Updo’s work best if you are wearing an evening gown, a royal neckline, a strapless neckline or even an asymmetrical neckline. In case if you are trying on a one shoulder dress, if the strap goes to the left, your hair could also be worn up to the left in a loose side-bun, as you won’t lose the detailing of the one-shoulder design. Remember not to change your style dramatically or else you might feel too conscious. No-one wants to see a nervous uncomfortable bride on the wedding day! Accessorize your hair with orchids, exotic flowers or your favorite brooch as a bridal hair accessory. Updo’s are best for people who like wearing their hair away from their faces. Braids can work in an updo, if your dress has lots of pretty detailing and embroidery to show off. 

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A great DIY option would be to do a top bun. This is the perfect choice for someone who is not a “hair person” or just wants to keep it simple and sleek. For a vintage inspired dress with a pretty neckline, a low chignon would be most suitable. If you have a round or square face, keep the front softer with layering to frame the face and add an embellishment to match your dress!

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Let me know which bridal hairstyle worked for you on your big day!

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