How to Apply Lipstick

A comprehensive guide on how to apply lipstick with some effective tips on application

Welcome to Zuri’s ‘how to’ video series. This series focuses on the application technique and covers the following topics: 1) how to apply foundation, 2) how to apply kajal, 3) how to apply mascara, 4) how to apply lipstick, 5) how to apply eye shadow and 6)how to apply eyeliner. This video series builds on the previous knowledge that was published on Zuri. For example, about lipstick, try the makeup tips hereherehere and here. Now that you know a little bit about lipsticks, check out the third video in these series and learn the secret about how to apply lipstick perfectly.

Product Description —

Bobbi Brown Stick foundation on lips as a base
MAC Burgundy Lip pencil
MAC Diva lipstick
MAC Studio Fix powder+foundation (you can use any loose powder or compact)

Women might not splurge on any other cosmetic product as much as they splurge on lipsticks! The colors and textures that you choose, speak a lot about your personality and is a very important factor in choosing a good lipstick. Lipsticks can be classified under 6 textures

  1. Satin – Minimal amount of shine with high color payoff.
  2. Lustre – Semi gloss finish with sheer to medium color payoff.
  3. Creme – High shine finish with medium to full color payoff.
  4. Frost – Frosted sheen with high color payoff.
  5. Matte – No shine with maximum color payoff.
  6. Amplified – Creamy finish with full color payoff.

A lipstick worn on someone else will look very different when worn on you as we all have different skin tones. And different skin tones can carry off various different shades of lipsticks.

  • Dark skinned women look stunning in deep plums and dark reds like ruby and wine and coppers and bronzes in a frost texture.
  • Medium skin toned women can carry off chocolates, red, bright pink and peaches.
  • Fair skinned women could choose lighter shades of lipstick like nudes, pinks or light browns. 

Now comes every woman’s concern – ‘How do I make my lipstick stay on longer’? All you need to do is follow these 6 simple steps

  1. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub to remove any dry skin and apply a lip balm.
  2. When it’s time to work on the lips, gently take off all the lip balm with the help of a tissue.
  3. Apply a lip pencil which is a color similar to the lipstick shade that you have chosen. 
  4. With the help of a lip brush, fill in the color all over the lips. 
  5. Take a tissue, fold it into half, and place in between your lips and press so that all the excess color comes off.
  6. Apply another coat of lipstick with the brush. This time take a single ply of tissue and place it over the lipstick and run some loose powder with a fluffy brush.

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