15 Wearable hairstyles for curly hair

Hairstyles for curly hair

Curly haired girls are blessed! There are tons of fun hairstyles for curly hair you can pull off by just twisting it into a curly updo, a low ponytail or a messy side braid or simply by adding a cute hair accessory. Curly hair gives any hairstyle that extra added volume and texture that straight haired girls don’t have naturally. Moreover, when you are tired of styling your hair the same way, you can experiment a little, and straighten your hair temporarily. That way, you’ll get the best of both worlds! It can sometimes be difficult to find hairstyles that cater to the curly hair texture. If you’re looking to get those curls out of your face, this style is perfect!

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A curly bob is incredibly endearing. Also, creating a fake bob is quick and simple and has been a lot in trend lately. It frames the face beautifully and you are able to show off those killer collarbones that are normally hidden behind the feminine ringlets. Tame the curls or leave them a little wild for a more ‘fierce’ kinda look.

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A half updo is a perfect date night hairstyle. Small, tight curls give your hair volume and texture and gives a beautiful, natural look. In case if you have short hair, don’t be afraid of adding tight curls to them, it can look really sophisticated. Or just tie all the hair up into a side pony with intricate curls! It makes a beautiful style. A great style choice for an outdoor function or a day with the kids would be leaving the hair in soft ringlets for a gentle feel. Or casually twist the curls together for a youthful look. 

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