How to apply makeup – Winged liner with red Ombre lips

Learn how to draw the perfect winged liner and pair it with a very wearable red ombre lip. This post is part of a series of posts on how to do eye makeup by Zuri.

An ombre lip is a gradation of color that evolves from lightest to darkest, beginning at the center of the mouth. And it’s usually outlined by a darker shade of lip pencil or lipstick to fake fuller lips.

Follow these 10 simple steps to achieve this makeup look—

Winged liner with ombre lips 12Products used —

For eyes –

Winged liner with ombre lips 15For face –

Winged liner with ombre lips 14For lips –

Winged liner with ombre lips 16

I finished applying my base makeup first and for that I used a face spray (The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz) as my skin was feeling dry and parched. Next, as a moisturizer I applied an illuminating cream (MAC Strobe cream). For a ‘not-so-heavy’ foundation look, I chose to use a cream foundation (MAC Studio Tech NC 30) and then to conceal areas that weren’t covered by the foundation, I applied a tiny bit of concealer (Kryolan FS22) under the eyes. Then I moved on to contour the cheeks (Inglot pressed powder 31), applied a peach blush (B&D No.9) and finally added a shine on my cheekbones (B&D No.10) as a highlighter.

Step 1: I began the eye makeup by applying a nude eye shadow (MAC Cork) all over the eyelid with the help of a fluffy dome shaped brush.

Winged liner with ombre lips 01Step 2: Next, to define the crease line a little bit further, I blended a matte brown shade just into the fold with the same blending brush.

Winged liner with ombre lips 02Step 3: If you are a beginner in drawing a winged liner, I’d suggest that you apply scotch tape on either side of the eyes as this will work as a cue for the wing.

Winged liner with ombre lips 03Step 4: After the tape was applied I traced a thin line (the wing) at the edges on both sides and then took the brush slowly inwards and filled into the gaps. Finally I curled my lashes and applied mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.

Winged liner with ombre lips 04Step 5: For an ombre lip, you would require one dark and one light lip pencil. So the first lip liner that I used was a dark maroon/burgundy color (MAC Burgundy). I outlined the entire lip with it.

Winged liner with ombre lips 05Step 6: Next, I filled some color on all four corners of the lips leaving the center empty.

Winged liner with ombre lips 06Step 7: With a bright red lip pencil (Deborah Milano 07) I filled the gap in the center of the lips.

Winged liner with ombre lips 07Step 8: Since the colors needed to look like a gradient, I blended the burgundy shade towards the red with the help of a lip brush.

Winged liner with ombre lips 08Step 9: To make the red stand out even further, I applied a red lipstick (Lakme Enrich Satin 359) over the red pencil previously applied.

Winged liner with ombre lips 09Step 10: Finally, to make the edges clean and sharp, I dabbed a brush into a concealer close to my skin color and ran it all around the lips.

Winged liner with ombre lips 11


If you are one of those girls who loves gloss, go ahead and apply some over the lipstick for that extra shine! And this is what the final look was like with the gloss on–

Winged liner with ombre lips 13Was this tutorial helpful to you? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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