30 Bridal shoes – Peep toes

Bridal shoes that are comfortable and look spectacular at the same time

What you wear on your feet on your wedding day really matters! I can picture the delight on any brides face, when she would look at her manicured and massaged tootsies and see them wrapped in spectacular bridal shoes. Your lehenga/saree may be worn once or twice in your entire lifetime, but those awe inspiring shoes could become part of your evening wear wardrobe when you choose them carefully. It makes sense if you want to wear those shoes again — and again. If you love shoes, consider buying wedding shoes that are indulgent but multifunctional and also those that fit your feet with utmost ease.

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Here are a few tips on how to choose your bridal shoes—

  • Choose comfort over style – Indian weddings are all about fun, joy, laughter and having a good time with relatives over 4 to 5 days of wedding ceremonies. All the days endure hours of standing upright on your feet, from dancing at the sangeet, posing for photographs and standing for long hours on the stage for the reception. 
  • Choose the pair you will always love – Choose wedding shoes you’ll love and treasure for years to come without jeopardizing on style. Don’t fume over following fashion trends, if you pick a classic style, you would treasure them for years to come.
  • Pick the heel that is right for you – Peep toes come in tons of options on heel-heights and choosing a heel height your comfortable with is most crucial.
  • Give your feet some TLC – Don’t forget to get the pre bridal sessions done especially a lovely pedicure before your big day. Imagine slipping your feet into those gorgeous wedding shoes with soft skin, neat cuticles and neatly done nail art. 
  • More the merrier –  Since you would anyway be shopping for your trousseau, spoil yourself with a big-shoe budget before your wedding. You might need flashy shoes for your cocktails, heels for the reception, flats for the wedding ceremony, ballerinas for the exotic honey-moon, etc. That’s the advantage of getting married – no one will ever stop you from buying what you want 🙂

So here are the 30 most amazing peep toe bridal shoes! Hope you like ’em.


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