11 Skin care tips for summer

Effective skin care tips for summer

For people who enjoy winters, summers are dreadful! Your skin feels oily and sweaty through the day and you might find yourself skipping on a few essential products. Here’s a list of things that will help you get through this summer season effectively.

1. Cleanse your face atleast twice a day – This is important to do even if you’ve been outside or at home all day! In summer months, your skin tends to get icky and sticky even when you have been indoors for a while due to the humidity. Wash your face with a gentle face wash twice a day to clean off any dirt from the skin. Cleansing and moisturizing before sleeping is an absolute must.

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2. Stick with waterproof or no makeup –
All of us would want to look our best in the summer, but when the temperatures get high, makeup becomes a mess. If you’ve ever felt your foundation looking cakey and dry, or discovered lines form around your eyes five minutes after going outside, you know that you need to stop applying so much makeup! Let your natural glow shine through, especially when it’s hot. If you do need to wear makeup, stick with everything waterproof, and try not to overdo it!

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3. Drink up – Most people have the tendency to quench their thirst with an ice cold aerated drink on a hot day. Aerated drinks contain high amounts of sugar which is not good for your skin. Stick with drinking water or fresh fruit juices or the best summer cooler – naariyal paani to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water (15-20 glasses a day) and liquids will help the skin stay soft, hydrated and moisturized as well. Drop a slice of lemon or simply squeeze out it’s juices into your water bottle and sip throughout the day. The citric acid in lemons helps to keep kidneys healthy and is high in vitamin C, which means they will improve your immune system. 

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4. Load on the SPF – The sun is at it’s peak between 11 am and 3 pm. Try staying indoors at that time as it can have an adverse effect on your skin. Make sure that the sunscreen is applied at least 30 minutes before you step out. To protect your skin all through the day, generously reapply sunscreen every 2 hours as sunscreen wears off, sweats off and rinses off if you are out in the sun. According to skin specialists, an SPF-30 should be used during summer.

Skin care tips for summer 045. Give yours hands and feet some TLC too – Your summer skin care routine ought to include a little attention to your fingers and toes! All winter, your feet were pampered with soft woolen socks, but now, they’re tortured with hot sand, and dirt. Treat them to a mani-pedi once a month.

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6. Pamper your toe nails – Buy a bold new polish for your toes that screams summer. Polish tends to stay on your toes much longer than your hands hence pick a color that makes you happy! Apply a clear base coat, two coats of the color and a top coat to protect.

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7. Trash last year’s unused sunscreen – High SPF creams do not last forever, and since majority of the people don’t use as much as they should, they might have expired and cannot be used for the following summer. Be safe and pick up a new tube or bottle and don’t forget to USE IT! The quantity that you should be using is a shot glass full for your body, and a full teaspoon on your face.

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8. Store your products in the refrigerator – If your skin is prone to redness especially when out in the sun or Rosacea, it’s best to keep your products in the refrigerator. The coldness will reduce the dilation of the capillaries and help in subsiding the redness.

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9. Blotting paper to your rescue – Using oil blotting sheets during the day will control the shine by removing the oils from your skin. Try the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing sheets if on a budget or The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues, Inglot Oil blotting sheets, MAC Blot Film if you’d like to splurge!

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10. Wash your Makeup Brushes more often – The skin is oilier during the summer and all the oil and bacteria gets caught up in the bristles of the makeup brushes which result in clogged pores. Wash them at least once a week with baby shampoo and leave overnight to dry.

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11. Get the benefits of facial mists – Facial mists have natural minerals that help calm skin and they make you look dewy.

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Which products do you swear by during the summer season? Let me know in the comments below. 

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