How to apply makeup – Smokey glitter party makeup

A simple grey smokey eye makeup with some gold glitter. This post is part of a series of posts on how to do eye makeup by Zuri.

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Follow these easy steps to achieve this eye makeup look—

Smokey glitter makeup 16Products used – 

For eyes-

Smokey glitter makeup 17

For face –

Smokey glitter makeup 18For lips –

Smokey glitter makeup 19This look is perfect for a night-out with your friends to a party or a sangeet ceremony as it is pretty ‘bling’ in terms of the eye makeup. I started with the eyes first as I was using glitters and did not want to risk any fall-outs. This is what the makeup looks like –

Smokey glitter makeup 15Step 1: I began the makeup by using an eye shadow base (MAC Groundwork) on the upper and lower eyelids. This step is crucial for this look as there are different colored shadows and glitters involved. You would definitely need a base for all the shadows to hold on.

Smokey glitter makeup 01Step 2: Then, with a fluffy dome shaped blending brush, I used a color that is a shade closest to my skin tone (Shade no.1) as a transition color that will help blend the other shades evenly.

Smokey glitter makeup 02Step 3: With a flat shader brush, I applied some metallic dark grey shadow all over the lid (Shade no.2) just until the crease line and blended with a tapered blending brush.

Smokey glitter makeup 03Step 4: Next, to highlight under the brows I used a silver shimmer color (Shade no.3) and blended.

Smokey glitter makeup 04Step 5: Now to add some intensity and depth to the crease area, I used a pencil brush and placed a matte black shade (Shade no.4) into the crease and blended with my favorite blending brush.

Smokey glitter makeup 05Step 6: To make the eyes appear bigger and brighter, I applied a light silver color (Shade no.5) in the inner corners of the eyes.

Smokey glitter makeup 06Step 7: Next, to break the monotony of black and silver I decided to use a purple (Shade no.6) on the crease line (which also helped in blending out the harsh lines).

Smokey glitter makeup 07Step 8: Now for the fun bit! The GLITTERS! I first applied a glitter glue (Kryolan) on the inner 1/2 of the lid with my finger. Then with a brush I dabbed the gold glitters (B&D) over the glue. Finally I darkened the black a little bit in the outer corner as it had faded and gone lighter.

Smokey glitter makeup 08

Step 9: Next it was time to apply the liner (Sephora Noir Black). I winged it out a little bit at the outer corner since I wanted to add a ‘lift’ and did not want my droopy eyelids to droop even further.

Smokey glitter makeup 10Step 10: I lined my waterline with my favorite kajal pencil (Faces Solid Black) and smudged below it with the same purple shade (Shade no.6) and a pencil brush.

Smokey glitter makeup 11Step 11: Then as always, I curled my lashes (Inglot) and applied a lot more mascara (Maybelline Colossal Volume Express) as the main focus in this look were the eyes!

Smokey glitter makeup 12Step 12: The most important step of all – filling in the brows! With the help of an angled brush and a matte dark brown shadow (Shade no.7) I filled into the gaps of the eyebrows.

Smokey glitter makeup 13For the face I first applied my moisturizer with SPF. Then I used a cream based foundation (MAC Studio Tech NC30) followed by a pink blush (MAC Peachykeen) and a dab of highlighter (B&D Blusher No.10) on the cheekbones. The lips were filled with a matte pink color (MAC Pink Plaid) with a dash of lip gloss (MAC Devilishly Stylish). 

Smokey glitter makeup 14

What do you think of this look? Do share your comments below!

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