How To Apply Mascara

A comprehensive guide on how to apply lipstick with some effective tips on application

Welcome to Zuri’s ‘how to’ video series. This series focuses on the application technique and covers the following topics: 1) how to apply foundation2) how to apply kajal,3) how to apply mascara4) how to apply lipstick5) how to apply eye shadow and 6) how to apply eyeliner. This video series builds on the previous knowledge that was published on ZuriFor example, about mascara, try the makeup tips hereherehere and hereNow that you know a little bit about mascaras, check out the fourth video in these series and learn the secret about how to apply mascara perfectly.

Keep these simple pointers in mind when applying mascara —

  • Always begin by curling your lashes, even if you are not applying mascara. Only curling the lashes makes a world of a difference!
  • Do not pump the mascara wand as it will introduce air and will make the product dry sooner. Also it becomes a breeding ground for germs. Instead, roll the wand inside the tube and pull it out. 
  • Apply the mascara in a fan effect, i.e. brush outer lashes towards the outside of the face, mid lashes upwards and the inner lashes towards the inner  corner of the eye. This way the lashes would look thicker and longer.

We all make mistakes and it’s fine! So if you do, this is how the clumps can be fixed —

  • If you do not have a separate mascara wand, then clean your existing wand with a tissue. This does mean wasting the product a bit but that’s fine.
  • Use the same fan stroke effect and run the wand on your lashes and clear off the extra product.
  • If some excess rubs off on the eyelids, use cotton buds to wipe clean only when dry. Why when dry you may ask? Well, that’s because when the mascara dries, it becomes hard and eventually peels off. On the other hand, if you were to clean up when wet, the mascara would spread all over making a mess!

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