26 Bridal shoes – Strappy sandals

Bridal shoes for brides who want to wear comfortable and stylish shoes 

Finding the right shoes for your wedding day is as tough as picking your bridal outfit! You want everything to be perfect for your most important day of your life and are willing to go to any extent to make it look spectacular. You can have the perfect bridal lehenga, the loveliest decorations and the handsomest groom, but if you slip and fall during the wedding, that’s all anyone will remember. You want your wedding to be memorable in a good way, while you stay on your feet through the entire proceedings.

Bridal shoes sandals 09Remember these two points that will surely help in choosing that perfect pair —

Don’t go all matcy-matchy – When you’re wearing a red or gold colored lehenga or saree, be careful not to match them exactly. You can go for the other shades that are visible on the outfit, or just stick with the simple gold or silver so that they can be put to use even after the wedding. Better still choose a color that coordinates with something in your wedding decor. The human eye likes the symmetry of repeated shapes and colors. Ask your dress designer for a fabric swatch. Compare fabrics and colors in different lights before choosing, too. Oh, and arrange for the dress first and then buy the shoes. Life will be much easier that way.

Textures and shine matter – The materials a shoe is made from will have an impact on its overall appearance. A silver leather sandal will look less reflective, and less bright, than a gold patent leather or satin sandals that sports a cluster of crystal embellishments. Any of these material options will work with the right dress, just be aware that color isn’t the only consideration; texture and shine play a role, too.

Below are the 26 most prettiest strappy sandals bridal shoes. Feast your eyes on them and don’t forget to comment below and let me know which is your favorite one!


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