20 Bridal hairstyles – Buns

20 Timeless bridal bun hairstyles that look good on any bride

The bun is one bridal hairstyle which is reinvented every year and never seems to go out of fashion. If you’re accustomed to having your hair off your face, buns are just for you! They look beautiful with a flower nestled to the side or a tiara placed on top, while a messy bun is a little softer and looks great with waves falling beside the face with a messed out look. 

Bridal hairstyles buns 19

Brides aiming for a romantic look, defined and styled wavy locks look elegant and are a perfect choice. Don’t forget to adorn them with small flowers. In case if you are looking to achieve volume by keeping it glamorous, simply backcomb the hair and add some hairspray for it to last long. A good variation would be to try a pretty side bun without a lot of effort.

Bridal hairstyles buns 09

Medium height buns is a great option if the bride and the groom are of the same height! They go well with majority of styles and necklines and are elegant and timeless. In case if you are looking for something more funky, finger waves are your best bet, just make sure it goes well with your outfit. Or go for the classic ballerina bun, which could be slightly “ruffled” to give it a more relaxed feel. For women with short hair, a hair piece or hair extension allows you to have a bun hair style. Choose your perfect bridal hairstyle from any of the below options —

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