40 Cute nail art designs

The cutest nail art designs that would bring a smile to your face

Nail art designs have recently gained a lot of popularity. Just a few years ago, a trip to the salon to get a manicure was relatively simple. A customer would walk in, pick out a color and get a quick coat of polish, maybe a pink or a mauve and walk out. If she felt adventurous, she might wear a red. Today, just picking the kind of polish is a process. And, the finish? That’s a totally different story altogether. The art can be done by a trained professional or by the person herself.

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You might think that in nail art, painting your nails with a bottle of some fancy color of nail polish is as far as nail art can go. However, creative geniuses have taken this form of art to the next level. Today, nail art designs have become a skill that is not easily found and has emerged as a new field of art itself. Nails being tiny require patience, time, precision and skill to be painted especially if small delicate patterns and symbols are involved. 

Cute nail art designs 12In the past three years, nail art has exploded into the mainstream, driven by YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest by sharing of looks and techniques. In the 1980s, when brightly colored outfits and wild patterns ruled the runways, women asked technicians to airbrush patterns directly onto nails and, sometimes, to pierce them with tiny charms. 

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Below are the cutest nail art designs that will surely bring out the child in you. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment below and let me know which on was your favorite! 

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