25 Bridal shoes – Pumps

Bridal shoes that will make you look taller and give you a great posture

Christian Louboutin once said “A woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman”. This holds good not only for bridal shoes but for any kind of shoes that you are out to purchase. A bride needs to look spectacular on her special day and great shoes will give her great loads of confidence.

Bridal shoes pumps 24

Here are some quick tips on finding the best bridal shoes

  • Most salesmen measure the feet to determine the right size – insist on shoes that fit your feet. Your feet keep growing throughout your lifetime, so don’t worry if you have to suddenly choose on a larger size.
  • After you try on a pair of shoes, walk around the store in them for a few minutes. Get a feel on how they behave on carpet and on hard surfaces. In fact, try 2 different shoes in each of your feet to make your decision simpler.
  • Consider wearing the shoes you’re familiar with. If you generally wear shoes with 3-inch heels, you should stick to the same heel height. Within that description, you’ll be able to find hundreds of shoes that will grab your attention. Choose pumps with the heel support you are familiar with and a height you know you can walk around in. Weddings are so stressful already and you don’t need any shoe disasters to increase it!

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