5 Simple home remedies for dandruff

by Chandani Karnik

Easy home remedies that help in getting rid of dandruff

Is dandruff getting you down? Have you tried the harshest shampoos and treatments? We feel your pain. Dandruff is a very common skin ailment, which causes acne that we all agonize over. Chemical based treatments do rid your hair of dandruff, but they also cause it to lose its life and shine.

So, we have put together some quick and easy home remedies for dandruff. Using simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen, they treat your dandruff and bring back its shine and bounce. They might take longer to show results (so be patient), but they do their job well.

home remedies for dandruff 031. Home Remedy for Dandruff # 1

Squeeze ½ a lemon, add it to 2 spoons of curd. Add 2 drops of honey and mix it up. Apply it on your scalp and work it through your hair. The lemon cleans your scalp, the curd moisturizes your hair and the honey gives it a glorious shine.

home remedies for dandruff 012. Home Remedy for Dandruff #2

Take equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water. Mix them together and pour it onto your scalp after you shampoo your hair. Let it stay on, give it about 5 minutes to work it’s magic and then rinse it off. The vinegar reacts with the dandruff and treats it. If you are wondering how to get rid of the smell of the vinegar, don’t worry -it disappears after your hair dries!

home remedies for dandruff 053. Home Remedy for Dandruff #3

Roughly grind some methi seeds. Soak them in room temperature water overnight. Then, strain the mixture and use it to rinse your hair after you shampoo it. Work it into your hair and finally wash it off.

home remedies for dandruff 064. Home Remedy for Dandruff #4

Take about 4-5 neem leaves and add them to boiling water. Let the mixture boil for about 5 minutes, so all the goodness of the neem seeps into the water. Then strain the mixture and apply the water on your scalp after you shampoo it. Neem is the best disinfectant in your kitchen, and helps you treat the infection.

home remedies for dandruff 045. Home Remedy for Dandruff #5

Take a couple eggs, break them and separate the yolks from the whites. Apply the yolks on your scalp before you wash your hair. Leave it on till it dries and then shampoo your hair. A little smelly, but you can always apply some serum to mask the smell! 

home remedies for dandruff 07Do you have any tried and tested home remedies to treat dandruff?


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